Top 10 Future Legends In One Piece

There is no doubt that One Piece has an enormous world filled with tons of characters. Most of these characters are very well-written and they have their place in the hearts of the audience. It is fair to say that these characters are nothing short of legends because of the impression they have made in the world of One Piece.

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After Whitebeard brought down the curtains on the previous era of One Piece, a lot of things changed. There were changes in major positions throughout the Grand Line. A new era started and lots of new pirates started their journey to reach the very top. In this post, we will be discussing the characters who will become future legends in One Piece.

10 Roronoa Zoro

One of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has been loved by the fans ever since his first appearance. He is the right-hand man of Luffy and he strives to become the "Strongest Swordsman in the World." By the time, Luffy finally achieves his dream, it is obvious that Zoro will have done the same. He will hold the title of the "Strongest Swordsman in the World." Zoro's power will have also grown and there is no doubt that he will be amongst the strongest characters.

9 Trafalgar Law

Law's backstory endeared him to the fans even more. His past is tragic just like most members of the D Clan. Despite a shaky start to his life, he continued to rise through the ranks and made a name for himself. Law's devil fruit is one of the most powerful devil fruits in the series. Though he is yet to master the full use of his devil fruit, once he does, it will be a great asset to him. Towards the end of the series, we can expect Law to become one of the Yonko.

8 Eustass Kidd

Kidd is like Luffy's polar opposite. He likes to cause destruction wherever he goes with his crew. Despite his rash nature, Kidd cares an awful lot about his crew members. He is unwilling to let anyone go who dares to hurt them. Kidd is not trusting of anyone else, except his crew. He's also got all the ingredients required to become one of the best pirates of all time.

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7 Sanji

Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the three members of the Monster Trio. After Whole Cake Island, Sanji's character had progressed even further. A lot of things about his past were revealed and the biggest one of them being that he is a Prince of the Germa Kingdom. Sanji dreams of finding the All Blue, a dream that he shared with Zeff. Sanji got a power-up as well after Whole Cake Island. He received a raid suit that was designed for him. By the end of the series, he will be one of the strongest characters for sure.

6 Smoker

Smoker started chasing after Luffy ever since their meeting in Logue Town. At that time, Luffy was saved by the timely intervention of his father, Monkey D. Dragon. Smoker is not a follower of Absolute Justice unlike most of the Marines. Smoker has got an intelligent head on his shoulders and he knows when to make the right call. Absurd as it may sound, Smoker could become the Fleet Admiral towards the series end. He is very protective of his underlings as was shown when he protected members of G-5 when Doflamingo was about to attack them.

5 Coby

He started off as a cabin boy in Alvida's crew and then was freed by Luffy so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a Marine officer. Coby encountered Luffy several times after he joined the Marines. The most recent of these meetings took place at Marineford, and it ended in a rather painful way for Coby. Coby awakened in his Observation Haki at Marineford, and he actually decided to step up and try to stop the war only for Akainu to try and kill him. Luckily, he survived due to Shanks blocking the attack. Coby has been trying really hard to get on the same level as Luffy, and it is improbable that he won't at least get close to there.

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4 Blackbeard

Based on one of the most notorious pirates of all time, Blackbeard is on his way to becoming one of the most iconic villains in history. Blackbeard's peaked as a villain at Marineford, where he stole the devil fruit of his former captain, Whitebeard. After the events of Marineford, he went on to beat Marco and claimed his position as one of the Yonko. Blackbeard is the only character who has been able to eat two devil fruits. He also looks to be the final hurdle in Luffy's way of becoming the Pirate King and we can expect nothing short of greatness when the two of them face off.

3 Akainu

Currently the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Akainu's made an impact on his very first appearance in the series. Who could forget the person who murdered Ace and disrespected Whitebeard? No one really. He is a believer in Absolute Justice and he won't spare anyone who disobeys him, not even the Marines, just ask Coby. He is definitely going to be a hindrance in Luffy's journey to becoming the Pirate King and if he can pull off another feat like killing Ace then he will definitely be among the legends in One Piece.

2 Monkey D. Luffy

This is probably the most obvious inclusion on the list. One Piece started with Luffy beginning his adventure to become the Pirate King and it will end with him achieving his goal. Luffy's journey has been an arduous one and it will keep on getting more and more difficult, but he isn't stopping anytime soon. When One Piece finally ends, Luffy is probably going to be the best the main character in the entire anime world.

1 Jinbe

Jinbe is one of those characters who is going to have a big role to play in the series. At Fish-Man Island, Jinbe gave his blood to Luffy in order to save him, which was really emotional. The whole point of the Fish-Man Island arc was to focus on the situation between humans and fishmen. Oda will definitely come back to this and you can't help but feel that Jinbe is going to be very important. If the fishmen and humans manage to achieve peace then there is no doubt that Jinbe is going to be an absolute legend.

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