Future Comics offices vandalized

Official Press Release

On Monday, February 17, Future Comics' office was vandalized and their computer network infected with a virus that all but shut the company down.

Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton elaborated by stating, "On Monday, we discovered that thieves had broken into the complex's externally- located electronics room, sabotaging only the equipment that allows our company to operate its e-commerce operation. Additionally, a virus was implanted in our network, knocking us out of business for over a week. We have good idea of who is responsible for this act of sabotage and we will continue to pursue every means available to uncover these perpetrators and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law."

In addition to the e-commerce side of Future Comics' business being adversely affected, PDF files of their latest crop of books were corrupted.

Repairing the corrupted files has delayed the launch of their April cover dated books until later in March.

Undaunted by this chain of adversity, Layton vowed to have everything back to normal within the next 7-10 days and urged their retail customers to continue doing business with them.

When asked about the motives behind the attack, Layton responded, "We create stories about bad-guys everyday. I guess we shouldn't be surprised if we occasionally have to deal with them in real life?"

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