Future Comics makes all titles returnable

Official Press Release

Bob Layton, President & Editor-In-Chief of Future Comics, announced today that his company will be making all of their titles 100% returnable to their Retailer Club Members starting with their July cover dated books.

When asked about the unprecedented move, Layton stated, "We took a lot of heat from many in the retail community concerning our decision to allow Diamond to distribute our products. What they didn't know was that we'd had already decided to make the move to returnable books as the next big step in our business plan."

The 100% returnable policy will ONLY be applicable to those who order their monthly allotment of comics through the Future Comics Retailer Club."

When asked about the reasons behind the move, Layton replied, "Future Comics is dedicated to creating partnerships with the retail community and this new policy is the latest innovation designed to make their ordering as painless as possible. No retailer will ever be stuck with inventory copies of our books. No other company can ever make that claim. And-- if this program proves to be successful, we will work with Diamond to apply this program to their customers, as well"

According to Mike Savage, Future Comics' Market Manager, "From the very start, we've tried to rally around retailers. Listening to those retailers who sell crazy amounts of books is always a great idea, but for every one of those volume stores, there are hundreds of small shop owners. We need the smaller retailer's support, just as much as the big stores. Listening to everyone's concerns, we decided that making our books returnable would help them to move more copies or adjust their orders to meet demands, without long-term risks. We want our customers to know that we have faith in our product and our sell-through numbers have shown that our belief is justified.

We support our retail partners because they're the guys on the frontline, promoting Future Comics to their customers. Having been a retailer myself, I believe that this move will be one that will truly be greatly appreciated in this struggling marketplace."

Future Comics will begin their new returnable policy in July, with the exact terms to be released soon on their e-commerce website.

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