Future Comics attends Mid-Ohio Con

Press Release

Today, Future Comics' Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton announced his company's plans to participate in this year's Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, Ohio. "We are very excited to be a part of this show and we are doing everything in our power to add to this excitement by bringing in our creators, staff and lots of free goodies," said Layton. He also announced that Future Comics will distribute free comics of their new title, Metallix, to everyone attending the Con. This free #1 issue will be limited to one-per-attendee. The new, pioneering company will also unveil their new booth display at this show.

The guest list for Future Comics includes Co-founders Bob Layton & Dick Giordano, colorist Miguel "Mr. Excitement" Insignares, and staffers Allen Berrebbi, The Incomparable Andre', Terry Tozian and Drew Reiber. Regular artists Ron Lim, Bob Layton & Miguel Insignares will also be providing a brand-new Metallix cover for the Mid-Ohio Con Program Book.

Layton, Giordano & David Michelinie formed Future Comics in April of 2001. Future Comics is not going through the usual distribution channels. Instead, they offer direct website sales to both individual fans and comic retailers on a monthly basis.

Future Comics is launching its initial title, FREEMIND, this month. Information and previews are available by logging on to – WWW.FUTURECOMICSONLINE.COM.

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