The Future Avengers Anime is Getting an English Dub

Future Avengers Anime

The Japanese anime series Marvel Future Avengers is reportedly set to receive an English dub for Western audiences.

As of right now, full details regarding the English dub's cast and release date have yet to be revealed. However, American voice actress Erica Lindbeck (Dragon Ball Super: Broly, FLCL: Alternative) took to Twitter to announce that she would be voicing Captain Marvel in the upcoming localized version of the series.

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While the dub of the series still hasn't officially been announced, a rumored cast list has also found its way online, which includes Laura Bailey (Soul Eater, Marvel Anime: X-Men) as Black Widow, Kari Wahlgren (FLCL, Rick and Morty) as Wasp, Patrick Seitz (Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia) as Thor, Roger Craig Smith (Avengers Assemble, Bleach) as Captain America and Yuri Lowenthal (Marvel's Spider-Man) as Winter Soldier. While this list is totally unofficial, it is worth mentioning that the list does feature Lindbeck, who, as previously mentioned, is confirmed to be a part of the English dub.

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Marvel Future Avengers is produced by Walt Disney Japan and Madhouse, and debuted on the Dlife satellite broadcast channel in Japan in the summer of 2017. The series revolves around a young boy named Makoto, who gains superpowers as the result of a gene manipulation experiment conducted by Hydra.

Makoto, alongside his companions Adi and Kuroe, end up joining the Avengers as superhero apprentices. Dubbed the "Future Avengers," they fight alongside the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Wasp to learn how to to use their newfound abilities for good.

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The Marvel-themed anime initially ran for 26 episodes before being renewed for a second season in January of 2018. Season 2 premiered that summer, and introduced such characters as Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and the Inhumans.

The series is incredibly popular with Japanese audiences, but has yet to be officially subtitled for Western audiences. While details about where or when the show might be released are still under wraps, it appears that a full dubbed release is imminent. However, since Lindbeck confirmed that she will be voicing Captain Marvel, a Season 2 character, fans can likely also expect the entire series up until this point to be localized.

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