10 Hilarious My Hero Academia Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

The new hit anime My Hero Academia has become a pop-culture juggernaut in the anime community, and there is plenty to love about this series. Acting as a sort of love letter to Shonen manga and American superhero comics, My Hero Academia stars Izuku Midoriya has he meets colorful new friends and exotic villains to fight.

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And as usual, once the Internet got its hands on this franchise, the memes came marching right in. Shows such as this have internal logic, to be sure, but outside of that, the characters may say or do some truly strange things. Anything from My Hero Academia taken out of context becomes a total riot. Here are some memes that show My Hero Academia's internal logic at work.

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10 All For One, Meet Your Doom!


Shows like this one often feature characters who might have a narrow but very effective ability. Often, such characters could defeat absolutely anyone on paper, but the plot never gives them the chance. Still, that sort of thing opens up some franchises to questions like "Wait a minute, couldn't they just...?", where the right character in the right place can save everyone a lot of time. Once Eraser Head cancels out all of All For One's quirks, he's just a guy in a suit. Take him down!

9 If you build it, Bakugo will kill it


It doesn't take long to realize that Katsuki Bakugo has a serious mean streak to him, and he'll do anything to get on top (like a certain green-loving boy we know). But while Midoriya is strategic and kind, Bakugo will just blast everything out of his way, and he loves to cry "DIE!" at anyone who defies him. Not even a test can contain his fighting spirit. If you lay waste to everyone, that's bonus points, right? RIGHT? Hey, why am I getting expelled?!

8 It's all about me

Here comes Bakugo again. He's ambitious like Midoriya, and wants to be #1 at all costs. While our hero Deku is doing all this to save lives and become an icon of peace and hope like All Might, Bakugo just wants the thrill of it and the chance to blow everyone up. It's not all about you, Kacchan! That's how villains are born! At this rate, maybe his hero name shoud be All For One.

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7 Midoriya, hybrid master


While Shoto Todoroki is a boy genius with two quirks in one, one can't help but if Midoriya got a bit of that, too. We haven't met his father, but Deku's old man could spit fire, nice and hot. Combine that with his mom's quirk, and you get... a total chick magnet! My Hero Academia doesn't devolve into a full-blown harem, but then again, the superhero ladies just can't keep their hands off him! Let's not forget how Mei Hatsume shamelessly felt him up (in front of Ochaco, no less) when they first met.

6 A full head of hair

It's no secret that shonen manga likes to give its lead characters some wild hairstyles so you can see them from a mile off. Try Ichigo Kurosaki's vivid orange hair, or Naruto's crown-like blond hair or Goku's tall Super Saiyan hair. My Hero Academia's three big stars are the same way, and while Ochaco might find Kirby cute, don't compare Bakugo to a baby chick unless you want a "DIE!" to the face.

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5 Deku didn't learn from Superman


Some superheroes such as Superman have arguably flimsy disguises during their civilian hours, and there's a long-running joke that a pair of glasses will not hide Clark Kent's identity as Superman. Now we've got Midoriya, who stomps around in those big red shoes as a student... and again as a hero! We can see you from here, Deku!

4 How to fight?

Many shonen heroes struggle to understand and control the power inside. Naruto worked hard to tame the Nine-Tailed Fox, and Ichigo contended with the vicious hollow version of himself until he became the "king" of his own inner world. Now Deku has to contend... with actually moving on to kicks! You've got legs, kid. Use them! What makes it funnier is that even in canon, Midoriya needed someone to actually point out that kicking is 100% an option here.

3 Friends... or maybe more?

Fans of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist will recognize this scenario at once. What's funny about this whole situation is that what the person says about their relationship doesn't even have to be true; the shapeshifter just has to believe it. Envy fell for this, and now in meme-land, so did Himiko Toga. Many fans like to pair Shoto with Momo, with both of them being smart and cool students. Not even the villainous Himiko Toga can get between them!

2 Mother of all villains

It's pretty typical for most villains to be selfish, aggressive, cruel, unstable, or otherwise totally nuts. That's what makes them both scary and engaging to watch. But really, even Tomura is pretty bratty and short-tempered, and Himiko Toga only cares about cutting up people and giving them cute nicknames. So, it falls to Mr. Warp Gate to be the adult around here and keep everyone in line. Someone has to do it!

1 Study yourself for a change

This kind of ties in to the earlier one bout Deku kicking. To make up for being quirkless, then having a quirk that takes some figuring out, Izuku starts observing others... very carefully. He keeps a trusty notebook about all their quirks, and he'll do this to the point of driving everyone else bonkers. But use his own quirk correctly? It seems that Deku put that thought on the back burner for now.

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