Wakka Wakka: 15 Hilarious Muppet Memes

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to meet the Muppets with some Muppet memes tonight! Jim Henson’s Muppets have been around a lot longer than you think. First created by Henson and his wife Jane back in 1955, The Muppets started off as skits and sketches in other shows, before appearing more regularly in Sesame Street and then in their own show in 1976. Ever since then, their star has only risen, appearing in eight theatrical films, four primetime shows and garnering over 20 Emmy nominations, scooping up four of the prestigious television awards.

Since then, the Muppets have become household names. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and the gang were bought by Disney in 2004, something that helped to revitalize the franchise with two new feature films and a short-lived “fly on the wall” mockumentary series in the style of The Office. It’s a testament to Jim and Jane’s original vision that the franchise has continued on to this day, as there’s a universal appeal that goes beyond hand puppets for kids and into an all-ages multi-media empire. They’re also no stranger to internet memes, so here at CBR we’ve gathered the 15 funniest memes starring those irrepressible Muppets.


Even if there were no other Muppets but Kermit the Frog, the meme community would have had enough material to last them decades. “Evil Kermit” is probably the most prominent of the list, where a confrontation between the famous frog and his dark doppelganger has led to many people dubbing over the image with their own inner conflicts that they’ve had with the dark versions of themselves.

There’s also the tea-drinking Kermit, the one that says something controversial before announcing that it’s “none of his business,” as well as many other images of Kermit in various states of shock or anger (as we’ll see on this list). What it all boils down to is the sheer versatility of the Muppets, and how having such well known characters in instantly relatable or dark situations is somehow extremely hilarious.


While most people may not consider the Sesame Street gang to strictly be Muppets, there have been plenty of times when the characters have interacted or crossed over, and the fact that they’re all creations of the Jim Henson family then each and every Sesame Street character is absolutely a Muppet. Besides, Kermit used to be a news reporter on Sesame Street, and he’s like the leader of the Muppets.

Again, the Sesame Street cast is so well known to millions of people the world over, that puns like this land really well. Everyone knows that numbers are the Count's thing, and there have been times when his love of numbers was openly made fun of by other Muppets, so even though Doctor Grover seems to be giving him bad news, we all know that the Count would chuckle at this bad pun.


First of all, now that we’ve seen this meme it’s impossible to not want a version of the insanely popular Fast and Furious franchise that stars Kermit the Frog. Sure, he’d look a little out of place in a serious, Muppet-less world like this, but let no one say that Dominic Toretto doesn’t take care of his family, so once Kermit is in, he’s in.

Secondly, those Fast and the Furious movies got bonkers crazy back around the fourth or fifth entry in the franchise. Most people forget that in that first movie, the gang was looking at stealing TV/VCR combos (seriously, go back and check, that movie is getting old) and by the seventh film, they’re parachuting cars out of planes and throwing themselves off skyscrapers. Thinking about it, those movies are no place for a Muppet!


How many of you had Animal as your favorite Muppet growing up? Whether it was the crazy hair, the over the top drumming or the funny attitude, Animal was by far one of the standouts of that original series and beyond. He’s got stiff competition though, as a lot of people like Piggy, or Fozzie or even Rowlf, but for most, Animal is the best.

That’s why so much Muppet merchandise has got his wild red and orange face emblazoned on it, as he’s one of the most popular characters in TV history, not just in the Muppets. You can’t exactly understand him most of the time, and sure his attitude can be a little aggressive, but for some reason, he’s absolutely one of the most relatable guys in the whole Muppet universe.


This is one of the worst feelings, isn’t it? Maybe if you’re one of those people where confrontations don’t phase you, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but when someone cuts you off and you pull up right next to them, the only thing most of us can do is give them a real glare as they try not to make eye contact. They know what they did.

Also, how does Kermit drive? He seems to be pretty much at the right height as a human, which implies that he’s sitting on a stack of books or something, but that would only make him further away from the pedals, which are fairly crucial for the starting and the stopping. A Muppet-adapted car would be something to see! The people need to know this information, Disney!


Cookie Monster is buck wild. His lust for those sweet, sweet cookies knows no bounds, and like the name suggests, he’s almost singularly obsessed with any kind of cookies. It makes for some hilarious encounters with his fellow Sesame Street friends, but one thing’s for sure: they better not get between him and cookies, otherwise, they might get eaten too.

The way he eats those cookies is always the funniest bit because he loves them so much but he’s still a Muppet, so when he shoves them all in his mouth almost all of them fall out in a crumbly mess. These days Cookie Monster’s got it figured out, and when he eats them they actually disappear in his mouth, but for a while there they went everywhere but in his belly. That is why he was probably always craving those delicious cookies.


So sweet, so innocent, so deadly. It's a look like this that sends a chill down anyone’s spine, as they know they must have done something very bad if your mom goes from mad and shouting to calm and smiling. When your mom is aitting there serenely waiting for you to get home, that’s when it’s really bad.

What’s worse is, for those first few moments you are racing everything through your brain to try and think what it could possibly be that got her so ma, to begin with. Trawling up every memory of your life from the last few days like you’re Tom Cruise in Minority Report, scanning through clips of what you’ve been up to that caused you to get into such terrible, life-ending trouble.


Breaking Bad is one of those instantly iconic shows, that almost every episode had something quotable, and if you were watching it week to week then heading online as soon as the episode ended, you were greeted with insane amounts of theories and memes as people tried to process what they just saw.

That’s why this meme works so well, as not only does it look hilarious, but Beaker’s history with science, alongside Dr. Bunsen Honeydew makes him the perfect Muppet to “Break Bad.” The guy looks constantly stressed, is always having dangerous accidents and knows a lot about science and chemistry. He’s practically Walter White already... if, you know, Walter White “meeped” instead of talking, but other than that they could be brothers.


Robin’s face says it all really, that painful realization that as soon as you’re out of public view, your mom is going to tear into you and ground you for life. Gripping your arm in that secret way that causes the most amount of pain without giving off any indication to anyone else that there’s anything wrong. Maybe your mom’s talking through her teeth but otherwise, her demeanor is completely calm.

Kermit doesn’t seem like an overbearing parental figure, but this image doesn’t lie. Ok, it absolutely does, as there’s no way Robin would get into that much trouble, he’s a good kid! But there’s something about his face that makes us think there’s so much more going on here than we first think. Mind you, the fact that Muppets can’t blink really messes up any interpretation of facial expressions, so we could easily be way off.


If the Lord of the Rings was remade by Muppets, this meme has the casting spot on. Of course Kermit would be Frodo, he’s the main character in almost everything the Muppets do, and it stands to reason that Fozzie Bear would be the Samwise Gamgee character that carries him the rest of the way up Mount Doom to finally be rid of that cursed ring.

The trouble comes when trying to cast the rest of the characters in the movies. Gonzo would probably make a good Gimli, while Scooter could maybe be Legolas? Rizzo and the rest of the rats would round out the hobbits, and the Ghost of Christmas Present from the Muppet Christmas Carol would probably make a great Gandalf. And when Kermit and Fozzie need rescuing from Mount Doom, they get carried off on the back of a majestic Snuffleupagus.


Kermit’s face here is recreating that exact feeling you have when you’re trying and failing to act casual. It doesn’t have to just be when police are behind you either: walking past your crush in the hallway at school, going through the scanners at an airport or whenever someone has to check your I.D for proof of age.

Trying to act casual is so difficult too, especially considering we probably do it all the time. As soon as someone tells you to act casual, however, everything you know gets called into question: how do I look? Am I breathing right? What is walking? Suddenly you’re hyper-aware of every little move you make, which is super annoying (not to mention unavoidable) because being so self-conscious makes you look anything but casual.


Swedish Chef is one of the best Muppets. He doesn’t get as much screen time as a lot of the others, but every time he does make an appearance, it’s memorable. This is true mainly because the way he talks is so funny. Also, the way he moves -- with a wildly animated face and all-too-human hands -- is nothing short of hilarious.

How they do it is a mystery to most, but even though he’s always talking absolute gibberish, we can always understand what he’s going on about. It’s a testament to the acting done by those behind the scenes, but whenever Swedish Chef starts talking, everyone knows exactly what he’s getting at. A lot of the time it’s food-related anyway, and the rest of the time we can guess by his flailing hand gestures.


Never has Kermit the Frog had such amazing hair. Proving that he loves to cosplay as much as any of us, this image depicts the famous Muppet dressed like the Prince of Eternia, leader of the Masters of the Universe, He-Man. Complete with boots, sword and wind machine, Kermit really looks the part.

The only thing wrong with this image is that it makes us want to see the rest of the universe. Obviously Miss Piggy would be She-Ra, which would be worth seeing on its own, but what about Skeletor? What Muppet could possibly take on the role of that evilest of He-Man’s villains? We couldn’t possibly say, but there’s always been something shifty about that Grover. He was the Monster at the end of the book after all! (Oh, spoiler... sorry.)


So that second image is pretty terrifying, huh? Obviously, it’s scary for the fact that the Muppets seem to have joined the dark Imperial forces of Emperor Palpatine, fighting as Stormtroopers for the good of the Empire against the forces of the rebellion, but more than that, those costumes are just creepy.

They look like extremely elaborate disguises worn in order to carry out some form of a heist. That or they’re an inexplicable Comic-Con cosplay mashup that looks just south of normal. What is going on with Beaker’s head, too? At least the other three masks look like official merchandise, Beaker looks like an overturned trash can with googly eyes. Either way, this is not a good look for the Muppets, so maybe that Star Wars crossover that nobody asked for should just remain the movie that forever might have been.


Just how deep does this conspiracy go? It’s one thing for Hydra to have infiltrated the government and S.H.I.E.L.D, but when you can’t even trust the Muppets to be on the side of what’s right, then there may be no hope for any of us.

There are those memes that come along that pull a couple of different influences together into one perfect image, and this is one of them. Taking Kermit the Frog -- who’s practically meme royalty at this point -- and combining him with the “Hail Hydra” meme that swept the internet a while ago, and you come out with an image that’s funny to imagine. Just how did they get to Piggy? Sure, she’s always been a little self-centered but Hydra? We just can’t believe it.

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