Fairy Tail: 10 Hilarious Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Fairy Tail is the perfect blend of action, drama, and comedy. On one hand, it features some of the most intense battles and saddest moments in anime. On the other hand, it also provides plenty of comic relief from a quirky bunch of characters.

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From Gray's bad habit of stripping naked, to Natsu's track record of destroying houses, to Ichiya's entire existence, you can always count on these lighthearted moments to make you laugh. And of course, there's always potential for new memes to rise. Here are ten of the funniest Fairy Tail memes that are sure to put a smile on your face.

10 The Cold Never Bothered Gray Anyway

Gray is an ice wizard, similar to how Elsa from Disney's Frozen is an ice queen. And it turns out they share some things in common. Both have a tendency to push people away, and they are both unbothered by the cold.

On the night Juvia declared her "413th Day Anniversary" with Gray, she decides to give him a handmade scarf. As someone who does not act as lovey-dovey, Gray rejects Juvia's gift with the excuse that he never gets cold enough for a scarf--while also quoting a line from Elsa's hit song.

9 Natsu's Thought Process


Late in the series, Zeref reveals that Natsu is not only his little brother but also the demon known as E.N.D. Because Zeref was the one who created E.N.D, Natsu would theoretically die if Zeref was ever killed. However, there seems to be a loophole.

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When Natsu falls into a near-death state, he is spiritually confronted with Igneel who tells Natsu he must choose between being a demon or a dragon. Natsu answers that he is human, not a demon or a dragon. By simply believing that he's human, he is able to avoid the deadly fate of one of Zeref's demons.

8 Happy's Logic

When Jason, an enthusiastic reporter for Sorcerer Magazine, visits Fairy Tail to interview the guild members, he even finds Happy to be very fascinating.

Rather than asking questions about Happy's role in the guild, the reporter simply asks why his fur is blue. Happy, a rather ignorant character, believes his unique color is directly related to the fact that he's a cat. In reality, Happy is an Exceed, winged cat-like creatures that hatch out of eggs. Unlike real cats, Exceeds can come in all colors of the rainbow, including blue.

7 Rent Over Feelings

The two main protagonists of Fairy Tail, Natsu and Lucy, are commonly paired together in a romantic ship called "Nalu". Though they build a close relationship as friends and comrades throughout the series, they have completely opposite personalities and their priorities do not always align.

Often times, Lucy is more concerned about paying her rent than anything else. This apparently includes Natsu's feelings. Resembling the popular Arthur Fist meme, Natsu's fist becomes engulfed in his flames to show his passive-aggressive frustration.  Perhaps now things will heat up between the two mages.

6 Mavis's Burning Question

A lot of questions were raised when it was revealed that Mavis and Zeref had a child together. How did neither of them ever find out about the child? And how did the baby survive inside Mavis after she fell victim to Zeref's Curse of Contradiction?

But the biggest question was: "Why was his majesty's son not loved?" This was repeatedly asked by August, the son of Zeref and Mavis, leading up to his eventual defeat. All August wanted was parental love, but he never received it because his parents were unaware of his blood relation to them.

5 Lucy Taking A Test

There are times when a student will study diligently for a test until they understand the material, but then they'll draw a blank as soon as they start taking the actual test. This is well portrayed by Lucy's frightened expression as she raises her pen.

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In an attempt to save Natsu, Lucy opens the book containing E.N.D, which erupts with flowing text written by Zeref. Overwhelmed with the complexity fo the text,  Lucy worries she won't be able to figure out how to save Natsu, in the same way that a student worries about failing an exam.

4 Natsu's Recklessness

A large part of Natsu's personality is his recklessness. He's the type of guy to rush into battle without a game plan, often thinking with his heart instead of his head.

In many cases, Natsu has destroyed innocent homes, including the Fairy Tail building. Although he is not purposely targeting homes to destroy, he tends to get a little carried away in the heat of battle. No building is safe when the fire mage gets fired up. He's the biggest reason why Fairy Tail is infamously known for their chaotic presence.

3 Protective Rogue

Like most Dragon Slayers, Rogue has an adorable Exceed companion named Frosch. Because Frosch is one of the weakest characters in Fairy Tail, it is Rogue's duty as a father to protect his baby at all costs.

When Sting and Rogue lose to Natsu in the Grand Magic Games, Sabertooth's guild master takes his anger out on Sting's Exceed, Lector. With Lector seemingly destroyed by a powerful blast of magic, Rogue fears that Frosch might be targeted as well. He holds Frosch closely with an intimidating stare as if he's warning everyone to stay away from his child.

2 Zeref's Path

Zeref is an internally conflicted character with a tragic past. His once happy family was killed by dragons, and he did not handle the grief very well.

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Rather than moving on from the loss of his family like most people would, Zeref turned to the dark side. Using his genius mind and dangerous black magic, he worked hard and did everything in his power to bring his little brother, Natsu, back to life. Unfortunately, this involved creating an army of demons and turning Natsu into the most savage demon of them all, E.N.D.

1 Hiro Mashima's Style

Hiro Mashima is the talented manga artist behind the creation of Fairy Tail. Aside from his signature art style, Mashima also has a unique approach to thickening the plot throughout the Fairy Tail series.

Perhaps his most commonly used technique is bringing characters back to life only after a heart-wrenching death. In the Alvarez Arc alone, this is done multiple times. When Makarov sacrifices himself by using Fairy Law to protect his allies, the magic supposedly sucks all the life out of him--until he randomly awakens at Zeref's defeat. Shortly after, Ichiya and Anna pop out of the time rift that should've killed them for good, after sacrificing their lives in an attempt to seal Acnologia away.

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