15 FUNNIEST Fake Superhero Twitter Accounts

Superman Twitter Injustice

From a nostalgic Captain America, to a film critic Hulk, to a mean-spirited version of Superman, Twitter seems to be rife with superhero parody accounts. Accounts impersonating fictional characters have existed for far longer, with one of the earliest being @DarthVader in 2007. Nearly a decade later, "Evil orphan Ani" is still at it, and he's a big fan of the title of the upcoming Star Wars installment.

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The fake superhero trend possibly originated with @HOBODARKSEID in 2009, tweeting updates as a version of the Ruler of Apokolips forced to sleep rough. He made such an impact, NPR even ran a piece unmasking his real identity to be none other than comic book writer, Matt Fraction. Since the account has gone quiet, there have been plenty of new contenders for his throne. Some are serious role-players who never break character. Others keep up a funny, meta-commentary on what their characters are up to in the comics and on-screen adaptations. And some have re-imagined their chosen hero as hilarious, bizarro versions of themselves. A few of them have managed to gain huge followings numbering in the tens of thousands. A couple have even made careers out of it.

Here are 15 of the funniest accounts worth following.

15 ROBERT "BOBBY" DRAKE (@icemanbobby)

Iceman Twitter

This fake account for the X-Men's resident ice-surfing mutant was set up in 2010 and is still active to this day with over 1,000 followers. Clearly not averse to word play, he describes himself as "the coolest guy in the room by default" who "never runs out of nICE puns."

Terrible/brilliant puns aside, some of his funniest offerings to the Twittersphere include hilarious snippets from Ice-Man's comic book appearances, who - as the comic relief of any X-Men team - is pretty funny in his own right.

@icemanbobby also seems to be part of a whole family of X-Men parody accounts, including Emma Frost (@MissEmmaFrost), Kitty Pryde (@Kitty_Pryde), Rogue (@BornInCaldcott) and Jubilee (@xJubilee), the latter of whom he also seems to be romantically entangled with, like some kind of fantasy role-play scenario playing out in public.

14 CAPT. STEVE ROGERS (@starsandtights)

Captain America Twitter

Set up in 2012, this fake account for Captain America simulates what the Cap might think, say and feel if he were around on our Earth, rather than the MCU version (Earth-199999). Like any dedicated roleplayer, the user stays strictly in character at all times. Suitably, his "Likes" are restricted to jazz, hot dogs, vintage photos from the 1940s (which he loves to retweet) and baseball (despite being “horribly betrayed by the Dodgers”), and even though he’s famously known from his exploits battling "space aliens," he’s "still that skinny kid from Brooklyn." Apparently (and unsurprisingly) Tony Stark talked him into trying out social media.

Though he’s been pretty active on social media for a few years now, true to character - @starsandtights is still not 100% down with 21st Century technology or lingo just yet.

13 TONY STARK (@RealTonyStark)

Iron Man Twitter

There are quite a number of Twitter users claiming to be Iron Man, including @MarvelIsIronMan and @MightyMarvel, the latter of whom wants you to remember that he notably, "shot Hulk into space. He came back pretty pissed." The most popular fake account for Marvel's most infamous "billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy," @RealTonyStark has been active since around the time of the first Iron Man movie's release and has amassed a sizeable following that the real Tony Stark would probably be proud of. True to Stark’s crooked playfulness, he supports the hashtag #TotallyForRealAccount. Though he seems unable to resist breaking character every so often to pass judgment on current Marvel comics storylines, his exchanges with fellow accounts like that of the fake Pepper Potts are always on point.

He also doles out great life advice.

12 SUPERMAN/CLARK KENT (@JerkSuperman)

Superman Twitter

“Last son of Krypton, Man of Steel, Earth's greatest hero, all round good guy. Jerk.” Essentially reading as a wittier version of Bizarro fused with the "Superman Is A D*ck" meme, this tongue-in-cheek account imagines if the normally mild-mannered and kind-hearted reporter allowed his overpowered-ness to really go to his head.

Other than bragging endlessly about his super powers and Godliness and giving us hilarious insights into what’s really going on behind the scenes of the DCU, @JerkSuperman's favorite digital pastime seems to be roasting every other superhero in sight, especially his fellow Justice League members, Jeff Ross style.

Though sometimes he even turns his laser-hot burns on himself.

>He also enjoys keeping the classic DC vs. Marvel friendly rivalry going, albeit without the “friendly” part.

11 GALACTUS (@GalactusMustEat)

The Devourer of Worlds is on Twitter, and he's always hungry. Tweeting from a location he's always en route to consume, this parody account of Galactus just loves to step on all of your fiction favourites as he roams through the Twitterverse looking for a decent meal. In the time he’s been active, he has gotten into an unholy spat with Twitter Jesus (@MrNewTestament) threatened to eat the Death Star, munched on a "small moon" as a snack, but seems to spend most of his cosmic time stepping on or generally bullying the fake Doctor Doom (@RespectDoom) with his humongous size.

He's also attracted the attention - and ire - of other fake supervillain accounts, including a fake Lex Luthor (@LEX_LUTHOR_NO1) and General Zod (@Zod_Is_Supreme), resulting in some pretty funny smackdowns.

10 THOR ODINSON (@GodAwesomeHair)

This fake account for the hammer-wielding Asgardian boasts possibly one of the best-chosen handles and also one of the biggest followings (a Godlike 40,000+). Though Chris Hemsworth's new chopped hair for Thor: Ragnarok have been a sore point for @GodAwesomeHair, who - as the name hints - is very proud of his luscious locks, he's still been keeping in uproarious spirits (true to character) mainly by tweeting an endless stream of Marvel-related memes.

Naturally, a lot of his focus is on ridiculing his brother (he’s adopted), as well as poking fun at his fellow Avengers' exploits in his absence.

Despite the tragic loss of hair, he seems to be a big fan of his cinematic counterparts’ upcoming adventure. One particular line from the trailers seemed to strike a chord with him.

9 DARKWING DUCK (@TheRealDarkwing)

Darkwing Duck

It’s not just Marvel and DC heroes who’ve been getting the parody Twitter treatment. Back in 2009, this fake account for Disney's eponymous Drake Mallard, a.k.a. Darkwing Duck, the world's premier crime-fighting duck was set up. Obviously, the real Darkwing would no doubt choose the only bird-themed social media platform, too. As if the character's existence in our world isn't funny enough, the idea of him joining Twitter is even better. His bio alone is completely on brand, "I am the terror that flaps in night. I am the tweet that's more than 140 characters!" Though he pools most of his efforts into promoting the Darkwing Duck comic series from BOOM! (and why not?) he also staunchly maintains character in true Darkwing style.

And also offers some fascinating insights into his duckstory and creative process.

8 FEMINIST HULK (@feministhulk)

Promising to "SMASH THE GENDER BINARY," @femininsthulk is one of the many Hulk parody accounts that have become the most well known within the trend. This particular one imagines a version of the green-skinned, rage monster who focusses all of his unlimited anger into gender equality and social justice, which is obviously funny given that, well... it's the Hulk. Since joining Twitter in 2010, the green-skinned political campaigner has accumulated an impressive audience of over 79,000. Naturally, his tweets are universally in all caps to fully express his rage and - true to the handle name - usually political, but with a humorous edge.

And, not satisfied with his puny alter egos’ considerable academic achievements, @feministhulk has been busy getting his own qualifications, before returning back to doing what he does best.

7 PRINCE VEGETA (@VegetaTweets)

Despite frequently referring to his loyal followers as "peasants" and "idiots", this parody account for Dragon Ball's Saiyan Prince has amassed a loyal following of over 80,000 “pathetic” human followers. (And some alien ones, too, we imagine.) @VegetaTweets delights in the kind of pithy one-liners and accidentally-funny quips that fans love about the character, especially when it comes to interacting with other fake Dragon Ball Twitter accounts like his rival Goku (@Goku) and his Namekian colleague Piccolo (@Namekian), smacking down 'stupid' questions, and promoting media from his own franchise with glowing endorsements.

A particular highlight are his live tweet responses whenever Dragon Ball Super is airing, which he politely suggests that his followers watch.

Reading his tweets in the great Christopher Sabat (the man who voiced him for the English dub)'s voice will obviously make everything ten times as hilarious, too.


Though there are many fake Hulk accounts on Twitter, none are quite as accomplished as @DRUNKHULK. The prospect of a sober Hulk has been terrifying enough in the comics to force Earth's Mightiest to extradite him into space, so just imagine the damage he could do while under the influence? This parody account from American writer Christian A. Dumai imagines a less destructive outcome, with a hedonistic Hulk taking to Twitter instead to shout his opinions at his over 170,000 followers.

@DRUNKHULK has been so successful at being his funny, intoxicated self he's gained national news coverage in Time, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post and even published a book, Smashed: The Life And Times Of Drunk Hulk, which is a compilation of his best tweets.

5 LOIS LANE (@planet_lois)

Lois Lane Twitter

If modern-day Clark Kent has a blog (and numerous fake version of himself on Twitter already), then it's hard not to imagine that modern-day Lois Lane wouldn't take to social media. After all, it's purpose-built for the strongly opinionated. According to this fake account for her, the Daily Planet’s “star investigative reporter” did just that in 2009. This parody account presents a fully-realized version of Internet-savvy Lois, complete with spelling errors and sassy observations about the troublesome DC universe she occupies.

As well as hilarious meta-commentary on what her character is being put through.

Her daily office dramas at The Daily Planet are probably the biggest highlights, though.

And though she seems to spend a lot of time with Clark, she maintains that Superman is just “a good friend.”

4 CLARK KENT (@CK1Blogs)

Clark Kent Twitter

This is one of many Superman/Clark Kent parody accounts, but definitely the weirdest of the bunch. Started in 2012 with a following of over 7,ooo now, this account has the face of Christopher Reeves and suitably embodies his awkward and painfully nerdy version of Clark the closest. Most of his tweets read like a stream of consciousness directed at Lois Lane, though hilariously never actually tagging any of the accounts pretending to be her, which just makes it sound like the Daily Planet reporter/blogger might be slowly going crazy.

As well as delivering the "breaking news" as per his journalistic job description.

Though his tweets sound like they’re coming from the mouth of a glazed-over, Bizarro Clark Kent, the secret identity behind @CK1Blogs is likely to be real-life blogger, Jim McGrath, who happens to be a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University. Wow.


Jaded Punk Hulk Twitter

He's big, he's mean, he's green, and he's here to teach the kids a thing or two about retro music. Armed with a Mohawk and ripped, purple 'jorts', @JADEDPUNKHULK exploded onto Twitter in 2012 and quickly attracted a following of over 30,000. The parody account's humor comes from reimagining a version of Hulk who was into the alternative music scene of the '70s and '80s as a teenager but has since grown into a grumpy adult with nothing better to do than reminisce about vintage LPs, and deliver deadpan zingers online.

@JADEDPUNKHULK is so set in his jaded ways, he’s convinced nothing good has happened in music since about 1997. We can’t help but wonder what kind of music fan Bruce Banner would be. Classical? Jazz? A cheeky bit of Taylor Swift? Whatever it would be, his jaded alter ego would most likely disapprove.


Film Critic Hulk Twitter

Created "IN A CHAOTIC LAB EXPERIMENT INVOLVING GAMMA RADIATION, TELEPODS, AND THE GHOST OF PAULINE KAEL," @FilmCritHulk is a fake Hulk account that imagines a version of the Marvel character that developed a, "DEEP AND ABIDING LOVE [OF] CINEMA," which he has also developed a deep literary passion for. As one of the most popular and well-known superhero parody accounts, this unconventional film critic has an incredible following of over 50,000, and has even written an all-caps review of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk for The New Yorker. His work currently has a home on the well-respected Birth.Movies.Death blog, though he’s recently taken a leaf out of Ruffalo Hulk’s book and managed his rage enough to swap to lowercase writing. Obviously, as Hulk is not known for his intellect or way with words, the funny side of @FilmCritHulk's tweets comes from reading smart and insightful film/TV criticism in the Hulk's bellowing voice.

1 THE BATMAN (@TheBatman)

"The hero Twitter deserves, but not the one it needs." As the snarling 'straight man' in a crazy world of capes and clowns, Batman can be, unintentionally, pretty funny in his own deadpan way. Particularly the movie versions of the character. Even Christopher Nolan's arty and serious trilogy of films is ripe with parody-able moments and over-the-top line deliveries. That side of the Dark Knight seems to be what inspired this fake account, which gets its laughs delivering comically violent threats, sick burns, defending Michael Keaton's reputation, and mercilessly mocking members of the Justice League in a way that would make Frank Miller proud.

He also has some pretty wild fan theories.

As well as some hilariously scathing views on the Boy Wonder.

He also doesn’t appreciate his own history being the subject of fan ridicule. Even the most ludicrous parts.

Let us know in the comments which fake superheroes you're following on Twitter! And while you're at it, make sure to follow us on Twitter, too!

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