Funko unleashes an avalanche of Harley and Joker Pop! figures

With seen plenty of Suicide Squad Pop! vinyl figures, both in the wild and in official images. However, it turns out those were only the beginning.

In addition to the standard figures, which include most of the characters from the upcoming Warner Bros. film (including tw0 Deadshots), Funko has debuted a half-dozen additional versions of Harley Quinn and the Joker, available exclusively at select retailers.

There's Dr. Harleen and the Joker in a suit, on sale at Walmart; Harley in her inmate uniform and the Joker as a boxer, on sale at Target; and Harley in a gown and the Joker in a tuxedo, available at Hot Topic.

The entire line, exclusives included, is expected to arrive next month, just ahead of the film's August release.

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(via PopVinyls.com)

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