Funko Shows Off Iron Fist, Black Bolt, Blade Pop! Vinyls

Clear off some space on your shelf, Marvel fans, because there are more superhero Funko Pop! Vinyls on the way. Announced on the official Funko blog, the new batch of collectible figures will immortalize three more Marvel heroes in vinyl: Iron Fist, Black Bolt and Blade.

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Both Iron Fist and Black Bolt will come with variant editions; Iron Fist will come in both his green and white costumes, while Black Bolt will be available with both silver and blue accents. The figures are scheduled to arrive in stores soon. And while both Iron Fist and potentially Black Bolt are slated to make their live-action debuts in 2017, both of these figures are of their comic book counterparts.

These are the latest figures in Funko's Pop! Vinyl line, but there've been plenty of other Funko announcements recently. The toy company unveiled their first line of figures created in conjunction with Playmobil, which features characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doctor Who and more done in the traditional Playmobil style. Funko has also announced a new line of Star Wars Galactic Plushies, which feature characters from the original Star Wars trilogy and "The Force Awakens" done in a cuddly Funko style.

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