Next Funko Pop! Cereal Series Is All About Disney's Villains

Funko has added some sinister newcomers to its FunkO's Cereal Box line.

Funko, the toy company behind the popular Pop! line of pop culture-inspired figurines, has revealed that Urusla from The Little Mermaid and Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas will each get their own Cereal Box and accompanying toy, available exclusively at Spencer's and Spirit Halloween.

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Funko began making its FunkO's Cereal Box line in 2018, branding them around various movie, TV and comic book characters and bringing back the concept of toys in cereal boxes along the way. Previously, Batman and Batgirl Cereal Boxes were offered as limited items and now, fans of Disney villains will get a treat of their own. The Oogie Boogie figure even glows in the dark.

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Funko has been releasing a number of new figures lately under its main banner as well. A slew of IT: Chapter Two figures arrived last month, including a 10" version of Pennywise. The company also celebrated Marvel's 80th anniversary by expanding the already massive library of Marvel Funko Pop! figures.

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The new FunkO's Cereal Boxes will be coming soon, likely just in time for Halloween, given the villains and stores chosen.

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