Justice League, Teen Titans Launch Funko's New Figurine Line

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Funko is giving collectors even more to obsess over with their new line of HeroWorld vinyl collectible figures.

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The new line, announced by the company Monday, will be exclusively sold at Target starting this week. HeroWorld will feature figurine sets based on the characters from popular franchises such as DC Comics, Teen Titans Go!, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Scooby-Doo. Each figurine stands four inches tall. Each property will have a five-pack set featuring the main characters, and two-pack expansion sets.

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There is certainly a familiar look to the HeroWorld collectibles; the design and height of the characters bring to mind the popular Nintendo Amiibo figurines. While the HeroWorld figurines don't have added gaming capabilities like Amiibos, the HeroWorld line definitely gives those who love Amiibo something different to try.

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While HeroWorld focuses primarily on games, cartoons and comics, Funko is constantly expanding beyond just comics and cartoons. Their latest releases include a musician line of Funko Pop! figurines including Kurt Cobain. Other celebrities, such as Tupac, Amy Winehouse and Bob Ross, have all had Funko Pop! forged in their likeness.

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