Batman & Batgirl Lead Next Wave of FunkO's Cereal

Funko cereal wave 2 header

Popular toy collectible manufacturing company Funko made a splash earlier this summer when it announced that it was bringing the fun back in breakfast by releasing an exclusive line of cereal boxes that contained an old school toy inside. The initial wave, which featured such themes as Mega Man, Freddy Krueger and Gollum, all featured boxes showcasing stunning retro-style art, as well as a mini collectible Pop! figure inside the box as a prize.

Now, it appears like this first wave was a big success, because the company has already announced a second wave of themed cereal boxes -- and they are sure to be even more popular than the original line. Spearheading this new wave are Batman and Batgirl FunkO's cereals, who are appropriately blue and purple, respectively.

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Both of the cereal boxes will be available through Entertainment Earth, while Box Lunch will get an exclusive Beetlejuice-themed box, complete with dark green cereal. Fans of Hannah Barbera will be able to order a Huckleberry Hound box through Funko's online website, while It fans will have to hit Hot Topic to get their hands on the Pennywise cereal boxes.

Finally, the wave is completed with a Cuphead-themed box that will be available at video game chain store GameStop, and a sure-to-be-fan-favorite Cthulhu cereals, which will be exclusive to Books-A-Million.

Once again, all boxes are set to feature tasty multigrain cereal, as well as a mini Pop! figure inside. Here's hoping we can manage to hunt all of these boxes down!

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Funko's second wave of cereal boxes is slated to hit store shelves this August.

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