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The first in a series of "Battle Pope Presents" spin of minis drops into stores this September. Saint Michael stars the prominently featured supporting character from the original Battle Pope miniseries. "The story centers around Saint Michael's interaction with the humans he is there to protect," says series writer/inker Robert Kirkman. "The problem is, he's too full of himself to realize that he knows nothing about them, making him a square peg in a round world. So while he thinks he's fighting crime and performing the standard hero duties, he's really doing more harm than good. Yeah, and he falls in love with an human chick while he's here, so there will be some Funk-O-Tron style romance, which I think is a first in a Battle Pope book" adds Moore, the series co-writer. Handling the penciling chores on this one will be Terry Stevens, creator, owner, and webmaster of the soon-too-be launched Penciljack.com website. "He has a very clean, "old school" style that I think will work well on this series," says Kirkman of the new penciller. A preview of this series can be seen in the form of a Saint Michael short story appearing in Battle Pope: Shorts #1. "After Terry turned in those pages, I knew it couldn't be the last time he handled ol' Mike." The idea for the mini came shortly after. Battle Pope Presents: Saint Michael, is a three issue monthly series tentatively set to start shipping in September.


Also in September the hit anthology returns this month with issue 2. Featuring the same characters and storylines that made issue one a success. Find out what everyone is raving about when this issue hits the stands!

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