Funk-o-tron announces Studio Funk-O-Tron creation

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Publisher Robert Kirkman announced today the creation of the "Studio Funk-O-Tron" banner. Shifting over from publisher to creator studio, "Studio Funk-O-Tron" will be a banner from which creators who have worked prominently on Funk-O-Tron books can use to set their already unique books further apart from other titles on the racks. The first books to carry the "Studio Funk-O-Tron" banner will be TECH JACKET

and INVINCIBLE, coming soon from Image Comics.

"It's true, this industry is going through a rough transitional period, but that's not why I'm getting out of the publishing biz. I'm interested in exploring the vitality and opportunities that publishing BATTLE POPE and our other comics afforded me," said publisher Robert Kirkman "We had scaled back our line of published books to just our flagship book, BATTLE POPE, because when I set out to write comics books for a living, I went down the road of self-publishing out of necessity. It was never my intention to be the next big publisher. I just want to write. Now that I'm doing mainstream books at other companies, it's difficult to do all of my duties as publisher."

The creation of the "Studio Funk-O-Tron" banner will make sure the

irreverent and idiosyncratic Kirkman and his frequent collaborator, artist Tony Moore, will still keep working together. "Tony and I are working together on a few other projects, now, but BATTLE POPE isn't going away. The books are all still in print and available, and, although we haven't signed any contracts yet, a certain King of Independent Comics assures me that you'll all still be able to get BATTLE POPE at your local shops and at major bookstores into the foreseeable future."

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