Fundraiser launches for Moon Knight co-creator Don Perlin post-cranial surgery

Clifford Meth has launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise funds for "Moon Knight" co-creator Don Perlin, who suffered severe cranial injuries this week.

Perlin recently had surgery to treat the injuries, and had a titanium plate put in his head to stop internal bleeding. He's currently recovering in rehab.

The most recent update on Perlin's situation comes from 23 hours ago:

Spoke with Don & his wife briefly this a.m. There's still some medical tests ahead but we're hopeful. At best, this is a miserable experience--frightening and debilitating... I've upped the "ask" when I realized that GoFundMe/PayPal takes 5% (less than what our industry's professional fundraisers take, though) and there will likely be unexpected expenses once Don comes home... All funds will go directly to Don.


Best known for co-creating "Moon Knight," Perlin was a regular artist on "Ghost Rider" from 1977-1981, and "The Defenders" -- as the longest-serving artist on the series -- from 1980-1986. Perlin went on to become Marvel's managing art director in the late '80s, and eventually left the company to join former E-i-C Jim Shooter at Valiant, where he became an editor.

You can contribute to Perlin's fundraising campaign, here.

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