Fundraiser Launched to Cover Tom Lyle's Funeral, Healthcare Costs

A GoFundMe fundraiser was launched to help cover the funeral of longtime Marvel and DC comic book artist Tom Lyle, who passed away on November 19. Part of the fundraiser would also cover Lyle's medical bills and healthcare costs after suffering a brain aneurysm on September 25.

According to the GoFundMe page, "All funds will go directly to help her with this unexpected debt which mounts daily as the bills from various doctors and two separate hospitals keep coming."

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The final message on the Tom Lyle fundraiser reads:

Tom loved Sue very much and almost everyone who knew Tom, knew about Sue because he talked about her constantly. He would not have wanted her to live with this burden hanging over her head. Your donation would honor Tom by helping the person he loved most in this world, his beloved wife, Sue.

Lyle first burst on to the comics scene with his work for Eclipse in the mid-1980s. He became the regular artist on Airboy, written by Chuck Dixon, which also helped launch Dixon's mainstream comics career. Editor Robert Greenberger was impressed by Lyle's work on Airboy and hired him to launch the new series Starman with writer Roger Stern.

When Tim Drake, the third Robin, got his own series, Lyle was reunited with his Airboy collaborator, Chuck Dixon, on a Robin miniseries. During his time on Detective Comics, Lyle and Dixon introduced Stephanie Brown, known as the Spoiler because she intentionally spoiled her father's crimes (her father was the Cluemaster).

Lyle later moved to Marvel Comics, where he took over as the first regular artist on Spider-Man following the departure of Erik Larsen a year earlier. Larsen followed Todd McFarlane on the series and the title then had rotating creative teams before Howard Mackie and Lyle became the regular creative team. Lyle remained on Spider-Man through the Clone Saga, where he designed the costume worn by Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker, as the Scarlet Spider.

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