Functional Iron Man gauntlet fires lasers, pops enemy balloons

As I sit here wondering whether my effort to replace the keyboard on my laptop will end in tears, I'll point you to the latest creation of custom-props builder Patrick Priebe: It's a functioning Iron Man gauntlet that not only moves and lights up but also fires lasers powerful enough to burn objects and pop balloons. It's impressive, and would be ideal if you're ever attacked by the Mandarin ... with balloons.

While the specs mean nothing to me -- "full metal gauntlet, runs on 1x 18650 plus 2x 14500 Li Ion cells. 2 blue lasers on board, 1.2W each, plus 2 4mW for aiming" -- I'm sure someone understands them. Check out the video demonstration below.

(via Obvious Winner, io9.com)

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