Fun With Christmas Advent Calendars!

While you folks are following our 2010 Advent Calendar, I figure it would be nice to point out two other neat comic book advent calendars!

Here is Scott (from Polite Dissent fame)'s yearly Christmas Cover Advent Calendar. Scott does a really nice job with the design of the calendars. He also chooses some very interesting covers.

Bully the Little Stuffed Bull is doing a very neat Archie-themed Christmas Cover Advent Calendar. Check out his Riverdale Christmas here.

The Comics Cube is doing a neat Christmas countdown with a variety of Christmas moments, covers, etc. Check it out here.

Brendan McKillip is doing his yearly Christmas Cover Advent Calendar. Check it out here.

Finally, Dave Carter of Yet Another Comic Blog is continuing his Christmas Cover Advent Calendar that he has been doing for so many years that I don't think there even WERE calendars when Dave began! Check it out here!

Also, I figured I'd take this time to let you know something about our Advent Calendar of Cool Christmas Comics. I featured the classic Christmas story, "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot," from Christmas With the Superheroes #2, awhile back (check it out here), so that's why that isn't going to show up on the list. Just a head's up!

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