Fun With Bad PSAs

Back in the early 90s, DC Comics did a few AIDS public service announcements featuring their heroes.

It was a noble effort on DC's part, but the execution of the PSAs were, well, pretty horrible.

Read on to see some more.

The best thing about this one, featuring Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Fire is not how they hilariously paint Beetle and Booster as some gigantic a-holes,

That is bad, but the best thing is that this is not the original version of this PSA. The original version had Booster and Fire in their standard outfits, but then, post-Doomsday, Fire lost her powers and Booster lost his suit, so the PSA was actually revised to draw in a new suit of armor (a ridiculous looking one, which WAS sort of the point of the comic at the time, as writer Dan Vado was showing Beetle slowly make progressively better suits of armor for Booster to replace his original costume, which was destroyed by Doomsday) and to edit out Fire's powers, but note that she is STILL surrounded by a green aura (she was originally on fire there)!!

Soooo bad.

This Joe Staton illustrated Green Lantern one is pretty hilarious, too.

I just love how Staton depicts the gay couple.

I also dig that Green Lantern is so confident in his persuasive abilities that he flies away and leaves the gay couple surrounded by a mob that was just seconds ago, chasing them with BATS!!

Compared to the first two, this Flash one is absolutely brilliant.

The Travis Charest artwork certainly helps, but overall, this is a pretty straightforward PSA, with no outstandingly silly bits to it.

I didn't miss any of the DC AIDS PSAs, did I?

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