Fun Stuff from Isotope!

A couple of interesting bits of news from Isotope Comics!

First off, the judges for the fifth annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics have been announced, and submissions for the award are now being accepted (send five copies of your mini-comic to Isotope by March 15th to be considered for the award). Click here for details!

Next, in conjunction with a Saturday, January 27th in-store appearance by Bill Willingham, Isotope is having a contest where entrants have to describe, in only five sentences, why they are the world's biggest Fables fan. The ten top entries will receive an exclusive Fables wine glass, with artwork by Willingham. In addition, San Francisco residents will be entered for a special, separate grand prize, an all-expenses paid fancy dinner with Willingham on Friday, January 26th. Click here for details!

Pretty cool stuff, huh, folks?

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