Fuller Wants <i>Munsters</i> Reboot to Be 'an American Harry Potter'

Just a week after NBC's Munsters reinvention Mockingbird Lane cast its cousin Marilyn, Entertainment Weekly catches up with Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller to find out what he has planned for the update of the 1960s sitcom, which he characterizes as "a dramatic departure from the tone and style of the original show."

“We want this show to be an American Harry Potter,” he tells the magazine. “To have that sense of a magical world that you get to go to with your family and find stories told in a fantastical way that are instantly relatable. It’s an American Horror Story that the whole family can watch.”

Airing from 1964 to 1966 on CBS, The Munsters was a satire of classic movie monsters and contemporary sitcoms that centered on a family of monsters that considered itself a typical working-class household: Fred Gwynne as the Frankenstein’s monster-esque Herman, Yvonne De Carlo as his vampire wife Lily, Butch Patrick as their werewolf son Eddie, Al Lewis as Lily’s sarcastic father Sam Dracula (aka Grandpa) -- played in the reboot by Eddie Izzard -- and Beverley Owen then Pat Priest as Lily’s “plain” niece Marilyn.

Revealing the first look at the Munsters' updated home -- "We wanted a house in the neighborhood that children would walk past faster than other houses" -- Fuller divulged that the family's wardrobe will be overhauled as well.

"We’re not doing bolts in the neck and Bela Lugosi. It’s almost the Real Housewives of Transylvania," he said. "These are a blinged-out representation of what monsters would be doing if they lived in our society today. How they would look, how they would interact. Our wardrobe is heavily influenced by Alexander McQueen and his use of animal textures. For instance, with [the vampire] Lily, all of her wardrobe comes from nature. The first time we see her this nest of spiders weaves her dress on her body as she’s standing there. We’ll see ravens come in and assemble her blouse out of their feathers. We won’t see animal skins because the animals are donating as opposed to dying for it. She has domain over nature and nature has a fantastic esthetic."

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