Full House/Avengers Mashup Proves the MCU Is Totally a '90s Sitcom

Have you ever wondered what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would look like as a cheesy '90s sitcom? Then a YouTube user who simply goes by the name of --zach-- just answered your prayers. Using clips from the MCU films and their gag reels, he reimagined the opening credits to "Full House," changing the focus from everyone's favorite San Francisco family to the New York-based super-team.

But --zach-- didn't just assemble random clips then throw the "Full House" theme song over them. No, this was a true labor of love. A subsequent side-by-side video shows just how well the two different openings sync up with one another. When "Full House" shows an overhead shot of the Tanners cruising down the Golden Gate bridge, "Avengers" shows an overhead shot of the team's headquarters. When the family runs across a grassy field, Captain America and Falcon run next to each other near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Hawkeye hugs his kids when Uncle Jesse hugs Michelle, and so on.

And how about that casting? Of course Robert Downey, Jr. would take on the John Stamos role. Both Tony Stark and Jesse are slick and charismatic, with somewhat troubled pasts. So what if Thor has better hair? Captain America is so the right pick to play straight-laced Danny Tanner, and The Hulk would definitely be overlooked middle child Stephanie. The most genius casting choice, however, would have to be Scarlet Witch as Michelle Tanner. Even if Elizabeth Olsen wasn't the real-life sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the fact that she plays a twin in the "Avengers" films still makes it a natural matchup. Watch the side-by-side video below.

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