Deepfake Video Recasts Nick Offerman as Every Full House Character

Full House is a sweet, saccharine show that, for better or worse, dominated the airwaves in the late '80s and the '90s. Meanwhile, Nick Offerman is a man who became a household name by playing deadpan man's man Ronald Ulysses Swanson on Parks and Recreation. One would think they'd have nothing in common, and they probably don't, but YouTuber DrFakenstein unleashed a video on the world that proves they clearly needed each other.

In the video, Full House of Mustaches, Offerman's face is superimposed on each of the family member's faces while the original theme song plays. Yes, Danny, Joey, Uncle Jesse, D.J. Stephanie, Michelle and even Aunt Becky get a mustache. You'd almost wish the video used an opening from the seasons with Steve and Uncle Jesse's twins, just to see everyone get made over. Don't worry, though -- everyone's favorite neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, wasn't forgotten.

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Nick Offerman himself has even seen the video and thanked DrFakenstein for giving him, and the world, such a gift.

The DrFakenstein channel specializes in "deepfake" videos, which superimpose images or videos upon source media using human image synthesis and artificial intelligence to replicate movements. Through the magic of technology, there are already videos of Keanu Reeves on Sesame Street and Mike Tyson in the upcoming Cats movie trailer.

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This isn't even the channel's first time bringing Offerman into the Full House world. In the video below, Offerman has been superimposed onto Michelle, with Adam Scott as Uncle Jesse, and this might be the first time you noticed how much Rob Lowe looks like Bob Saget.

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