Full-Frontal Felons: 15 Supervillains Who Fought Naked

Your favorite superheroes aren’t the only ones who have had the opportunity to fight buck naked. Sometimes the world’s greatest villains have also gotten into the act during some dramatic battle or violent brawl. Many of the heroes out there who have fought au natural have been forced into doing so due to a costume mishap — spandex can tear and armor can break, you know — or some other unfortunate situation. It would seem that villains, along with desiring world domination, are also a lot more comfortable with their bodies. They often have no issue showing it all off if it means getting what they want most.

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Why is the bad guy usually cool with this more than the hero? Who knows. Maybe they like the breeze. Maybe this is what it means to be truly evil. Maybe they think it will give them a fighting edge if they think it makes the hero uncomfortable in a throwdown. Whatever the reason, we have been entertained by bad guys letting it all hang out for years. Here are 15 supervillains who have fought naked. Be prepared to look away, because some of these entries might shock you. It’s not all pretty.


Any fan of the Secret Six should know how much they like to get naked. When they’re not all sleeping in the nude, they’re engaging in bizarre sex acts with each other. In Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation, the team returns to their headquarters after defeating their enemies in battle. Two members of the team engage in a bit of late night sexcapades before all hell breaks loose.

Knockout, a New God from Apokolips, is caught sleeping with Deadshot by her girlfriend Scandal Savage. Knockout was just trying to celebrate their victory in battle according to the customs of her people. Scandal, however, views this as a betrayal of their love and goes berserk. She beats up the still-naked Floyd, then when Catman comes bursting into the room (also naked) she takes him on as well.


When you can merge with a symbiote to create your very own supersuit, there’s really no reason to put on pants in the morning. For Eddie Brock, Venom is his pants, and shirt for that matter. Venom: Separation Anxiety opens with Eddie having been captured by the government and forcibly separated from his symbiote. Long story short, he’s left naked in a lab.

When the Symbiote’s five offspring show up to destroy the lab, Eddie is able to escape from holding. Instead of teaming up with them, he takes on all five symbiotes while wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Much to everyone’s surprise, he has far more strength without his symbiote than anyone thought possible, so he’s able to take on his “children” and make his escape.


Bebop and Rocksteady don’t make for very good villains. They can also be incredibly weird at times. When IDW released the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Special in 2014, they invited Dean Clarrain and Chris Allan, long-time collaborators on the Archie Comics TMNT comic, to contribute. The two told a bizarre lost tale from the middle of their previous run.

Responding to a disturbance at a grocery store, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello encounter Bebop and Rocksteady in the middle of a shopping excursion, and they are completely naked! After the two explain that they are trying to live more like animals — that is, without clothes — but still need some munchies, Raphael and Ninjara show up and beat them up. Seeing as how Bebop and Rocksteady weren’t doing anything wrong, the remaining brothers decide to pay for the snacks.


According to Fox, Mystique is always comfortable running around naked. It’s why she didn’t wear any clothes in most of the X-Men films. As a shapeshifter, Raven has the ability to create her own clothing; so, sure, she’s naked, but she never looks it. That used to be the case, anyway, until she goes up against Wolverine in Jason Aaron and Ron Garney’s run on Wolverine.

Cyclops sends Logan after Mystique in order to finally take her down for everything she has done to the X-Men. He tracks her to the Middle East and must hunt her through the various disguises she adopts. When it becomes clear she can no longer run, she stands and fights. Declaring she has nothing to hide, Mystique erases her clothing and battles Wolverine stark naked.


Being able to change size also means you need an outfit that can adjust with you. The Hulk has learned this the hard way. The villainous Giganta, apparently, has not. When doctor Doris Zeul joins the faculty of Ivy Town University, she starts dating her colleague Ryan Choi, also known as the All-New Atom. While things start off well, it gets a lot weirder once an ancient cancer god gets involved.

Under the thrall of this nefarious entity, Giganta uses her size-changing abilities against Ryan while they are on a date. She captures him and swallows him. The oversized, completely naked Giganta goes traipsing around town, ends up fighting some alien bugs, and then pukes the Atom back up. She is later seen fighting other villains in a huge battle royale. She’s still not wearing any clothes.


Following an encounter with the Dreaming Celestial in Fantastic Four #25, Dr. Doom is banished to an alternate Earth while Reed Richards becomes trapped inside Doom’s armor. In the opening pages to Doom by Chuck Dixon and Leonardo Manco, Victor is left naked on this savage world and is forced to fight a lion almost immediately with nothing but his bare hands.

He manages to defeat the attacking animal, skins it, and fashions a makeshift mask out of the hide. For the remainder of the three-issue series, Doom wears the lion mask to hide his face while he goes about taking over this Mad Max-style planet. By the end of the book, Doom kills his newfound enemies and manages to make it back to the 616 universe.


It’s a good thing Thanos usually keeps his clothes on because he looks like Grimace on steroids when he takes it all off. However, he didn’t have a choice in the matter when he became trapped in the Cancerverse following The Thanos Imperative. As told in Guardians of the Galaxy #19 from 2014, Thanos was blasted to dust by Star-Lord using a cosmic cube.

Unfortunately for our heroes, this was the Cancerverse, where death no longer exists. Thanos reappears (unclothed) and proceeds to kill Peter Quill, who also regenerates (also unclothed). This leads both sides to realize how futile their fight is, at least everyone except for Drax. He proceeds to beat Thanos with that world’s Mjolnir and blows him up with the cosmic cuba again, just for the heck of it.


In the running for most disgusting on this list is Roark Junior, a vile and cruel human being from Frank Miller’s Sin City. As the son of a senator, he is protected from the law, so John Hartigan goes after him on his own. After mutilating and dismembering Junior (of his member) John is framed and placed in prison. Junior, meanwhile, is saved and turned into a disgusting yellow monster.

As That Yellow Bastard, we see him torture and humiliate women just so he can get a rise in his own pants. Towards the end of the book, he even takes those off while he’s torturing Nancy, and we see everything. Hartigan fights him in a brutal battle that ends with him ripping Junior’s junior off and beating him to death with his bare hands. It was gross.


Doomsday, the monstrous being who is basically destruction incarnate in a pair of biker shorts, had his origin told by Jerry Ordway in the Doomsday Annual from 1995. 245,000 years before the earth-shattering battle that would lead to The Death of Superman, we see Doomsday’s long journey through space on his way to that fateful encounter on Earth.

He comes face-to-face with a young Darkseid, destroys multiple planets, and even defeats a Green Lantern. The monster manages to take control of a power ring and battle the Guardians of the Universe themselves. It’s also key to note that this is before he acquired his trademark green shorts and boots, meaning he’s completely naked through the entire issue. Doomsday is basically brainless, so there’s a chance he never even noticed. We did, though.


Even Ultron has gotten in on the act of streaking. Sure, Ultron is technically always naked because he doesn’t wear any pants when he’s walking around in his metal body. But would you consider Bender from Futurama to be naked? Maybe, but probably not. Ultron really got naked in Brian Michael Bendis’ run on The Mighty Avengers when he took on a female form based on that of Janet Van Dyne. This new body was far more anatomically correct than his normal skin.

When Ultron was reborn in a female body, she emerged completely nude with silver skin. The Avengers confronted her, and when they attacked, she took them down with ease. She made quick work of the most powerful among the heroes, including Ares and Sentry. They later regrouped and were finally able to defeat the naked villainess.


Captain America’s chief rival in the Ultimate universe is an alien shapeshifter who disguises himself as a Nazi. The two battle during World War II and continue their fight to the modern day, until the Ultimates team is finally able to take his operation down. While Herr Kleiser can change shape and regenerate from injury, he still wears normal clothing. When Cap crashes a jet into a building and sets his enemy on fire, the clothes don’t survive the inferno.

Steve Rogers and Kleiser engage in a fight even though the Chitauri lieutenant is no longer wearing his uniform. The fight culminated with Captain America embedding his shield in Kleiser’s chest. In The Ultimates #13, we see that he’s still alive, but the Hulk shows up and beats “Naked Guy” into a puddle of goo.


Just as Swamp Thing is the avatar of the Green, Anton Arcane is the avatar of the Rot. Apparently being reborn as the incarnation of rotting flesh also means you never have to put on any pants. From the moment he arrives during Scott Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing, Arcane is a grotesque bag of cancerous flesh.

It’s hard to determine if Swamp Thing is or is not wearing clothing — do the swamp plants count as proper dining attire? However, you can’t get confused about Anton Arcane. He is wrinkly, fleshy, and likely a bit stinky. Snyder has the two fight it out several times before they go to war during the epic “Rotworld” storyline. Did we mention Arcane has a bunch of naked Unmen buddies, too? Because he did.


Batgirl might have become a little too exposed in the “The Bat and the Cat” story from Batman Confidential. In this tale by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire, Barbara Gordon chases after Catwoman early on in their careers. Selina tries to slip away by slipping off her catsuit and entering the Gotham City Hedonist Society, which requires all entrants to leave their clothes at the door.

Determined to get the better of her nemesis and get her hands on an important notebook, Batgirl follows suit by undoing her batsuit. The chase continues with the two wearing nothing but masks. Barbara and Selina then battle it out in the buff in the middle of Gotham’s most naked citizens. Batgirl ultimately wins out and is able to make her escape from the building with the notebook and her clothes, but Catwoman isn’t done yet.


The Secret Six is DC’s oddest group of villains-turned-kind-of-almost-anti-heroes, so it would make sense that something as horrific as Junior would show up in Gail Simone’s Secret Six title. Junior is the crime boss that goes after the team and is actually Ragdoll’s sister, who has absolutely mutilated her entire body in order to bring out her inner ugliness.

When her robes are torn in battle with the Secret Six, she unveils herself to resemble a terrifying clown with colored cheeks, jagged teeth, and eyelid sowed open. Worst of all, we see Junior’s emaciated and surgically altered naked body. Alex Merkel’s journey from normal girl to nightmarish monster is all the more tragic when you hear about the abuse her father put her through. Alex, as Junior, was trying to follow in the footsteps of the villainous Ragdoll.


Things got weird in Tom King’s Batman when the Dark Knight shows up to Santa Prisca with some friends in an attempt to extradite the Psycho-Pirate. Batman enters the heavily fortified island nation only to meet a very naked Bane ruling the place as king. Not only is he not wearing any clothing, he’s also sitting on a pile of skulls like it’s his throne.

In the initial battle, the villain reveals he is no longer taking Venom and is unable to break Batman’s back for a second time. Instead, he simply dislocates his enemy’s spine and locks him in the prison. In their rematch, the still very nude Bane is tricked by Batman, allowing Catwoman to take him down. After everyone left, Bane finally puts on some pants and goes out for revenge.

Have you seen other villains go naked before? Let us know in the comments.

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