Full Color Photo Shows Nic Cage Is The Superman The '90s Deserved

Never forget: we almost had Nicolas Cage as Superman. The actor, best known for the "National Treasure" franchise and being Nic Cage, signed on to play the Man of Steel in the Kevin Smith-written and Tim Burton-directed "Superman Lives." The film would have put the character back in the spotlight in the late '90s, an era in-between "Batman's" reign of box office dominance and the coming of Marvel on the big screen.

The film didn't happen, though, and director Jon Schnepp created a documentary examining what went wrong. "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" was just released in the past week, and Schnepp has posted a pic to his Twitter page guaranteed to drum up interest. The image shows Cage in his Superman suit, in full color, sporting a grunge-esque hairstyle on top of a pretty traditional -- although slightly Schumacher-y -- costume.

The #NicCage #Superman pic that DIDN'T go round the world, but SHOULD have. Get the doc now👉🏽 http://t.co/kppJeEqaPi pic.twitter.com/E2v3nAqC6T

- Jon Schnepp (@JonSchnepp) July 14, 2015

You can purchase "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" now.

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