10 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes From Fruits Basket

In the Shojo manga/anime world, few titles have the reputation that Fruits Basket has. For 20 years now, readers have loved the uplifting story of the orphan Tohru Honda as she met and befriended the cursed members of the Sohma family. And one by one, she guides them to the light and soothes their wounded hearts. Even that of the cruel family head, Akito Sohma.

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This series has a new anime, with one season complete and another on the horizon. In the story of Fruits Basket, the characters say some truly inspiring and heart-warming things to each other, or even to themselves. This is an optimistic anime that sees the best in people and believes that everyone deserves a chance for happiness, forgiveness, and acceptance. Which 10 quotes from the Fruits Basket franchise stand out?

10 "Normally, I hate people who whine all the time, but in your case, it would be OK to complain. [...] It's OK to let yourself be sad."

Kyo Sohma said these gruff words to Tohru, who is ordinarily selfless and self-sacrificing to a fault. Kyo is annoyed at first, but he soon sees the authenticity of Tohru's upbeat perspective on everything.

More importantly, Kyo becomes highly protective of his new friend, even standing up for her to Akito. Kyo can't bear to see Tohru sacrifice her entire being, so he gives her leave to vent negative feelings and, well, just be human.

9 "My happiness comes from the kindness of those around me."

This is what makes the story of Fruits Basket possible: Tohru Honda's incredible spirit of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. She radiates kindness, and she doesn't have to be the only one, either.

Tohru is most inspired when her friends, too, are happy and show it, such as her two best friends Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima. She extended a helping hand when both of those other girls felt like they had nothing good left to live for.

8 "What'll you do if she does exist? A girl who says she loves you."

Shigure Sohma is a vaguely sleazy and selfish member of the Sohma family, but he does care about everyone once all is said and done. That includes Kyo, too.

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Like Kyo, Shigure isn't too quick to show his compassionate side, but once in a while, he finds a gruff way to express it, like this. His question is strongly suggesting that indeed, a girl will love Kyo for who he is, and Shigure prompts Kyo to figure out what to do when he comes face to face with her. Nothing like a love coach!

7 "I wish I could've lived my life without making wrong turns. But that's impossible. [...] We make mistakes. And little by little, one step at a time, we push forward."

Wise words, Yuki Sohma. On the surface, it seems that Yuki has it all, from martial arts skills superior to Kyo to a fan club at high school. But he suffers like the rest of the Sohmas, and he's been tempted to give up hope.

But not so fast. Yuki soon realized this universal bit of truth: life isn't about avoiding failure, it's about perseverance and learning in the face of failure. Many self-help gurus have taught that failures and setbacks are nothing more than hurdles toward success. So get moving!

6 "Hey, don't pick a fight over something stupid just 'cause your ego got bruised."

Pictured is Arisa Uotani, one of Tohru's best friends of all. She had a tough life, growing up with a single alcoholic dad who paid little attention to her. So, Uotani turned to the girl-gang life, but it was a painful dead end, and she knew it deep down.

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Uotani suffered for it, but she escaped that life thanks to the Honda family. Now she uses her strength to protect others, and she's got a healthier perspective. She will get angry not over an ego or gang rivalries, but because someone slighted her best friends. Some say that strength misused isn't strength at all.

5 "I don't think anyone is born to live. It's something you have to find for yourself."

Tohru is a fountain of good ideas, isn't she? Some people are deterministic, thinking that their actions are due entirely to outside forces and that their life is already laid out for them. But not Tohru.

This girl is kind and gentle, but also tough enough to stand on her own feet and decide for herself what the future holds. This quote is about personal responsibility, as well as the wonderful freedom to decide what your life's purpose should be. So, what will you make of yourself?

4 "To truly love someone, is to always put their feelings before your own... no matter what."

Saki Hanajima is a quiet girl, but she does understand the inner workings of love in all its forms. This quote can be taken directly, where two people in a loving relationship put each other first and are willing to make sacrifices. It is sometimes said that a relationship is 100/0 for both parties, not 50/50.

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This sentiment also works for friendships, family, and other positive relationships, where acts of selflessness are always appreciated and help keep the relationship strong. If both parties do that, they'll be close for a long time to come.

3 "I'll beat you and become a full-fledged member of the Sohma Clan."

Those are some fighting words, Kyo! On one level, this is just an example of Kyo and Yuki's half-serious, half-silly rivalry and constant need to outdo each other. Most often, it is Kyo who picks a fight (and then loses it).

But really, even if you're not trying to kick someone, Kyo's spirit is commendable and may be inspiring. It has been said that there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines. The level of goals that you set for yourself may also reflect your self-worth. Aim high, and you may make yourself worthy of those ambitions.

2 "It's not like I suddenly became stronger. [...] My body still trembles, but [...] what's important is the desire to improve, which stems from weakness."

Here's another fine quote from Yuki. What's he talking about this time? Not only does Yuki show some incredible resolve to move forward and become a new man, but he's honest about himself.

Self-assessment is important when you launch a major project or try to reinvent and improve yourself, and honesty to yourself gives you a good starting point. No matter how lowly or powerless you feel, you can always go up.

1 "It's not always easy to see the good in people. [...] But if you can somehow, find a way to believe, sometimes that's all it takes to help someone."

This is something that Kyoko Honda taught to her only child, Tohru. In fact, Kyoko was applying this quote to herself, since she grew up a wild delinquent. But despite that, Katsuya Honda took notice of her and extended a helping hand.

That act of kindness changed Kyoko's life, and she has made it her personal philosophy ever since, as did Tohru. Helping others starts with seeing the good in others, and knowing that the person is worth it. It's even better when you help that person realize it for themselves, and help them feel worthy of that help.

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