Fruit Ninja Gets Comic Series from Dynamite Entertainment

The Fruit Ninja video game series will soon make its way from the screen on your phone to the pages of a comic book series courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. The series will be helmed by the creative team of Nate Cosby, Scott Brown and Ruairi Coleman. The Fruit Ninja comic book series is based on the mobile phone game franchise by the same name that was developed by Halfbrick Studios.

The series will revolve around the eponymous fruit ninjas mastery of the Juice Jitsu technique, which unlocks hidden powers as they slice more fruit. The ninjas will have to defend their neighborhood against the antics of time-traveling supervillains using the Juice Jitsu technique.

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"I don't want to get everybody too excited, but Fruit Ninja may end up being the greatest comic series ever created,” Cosby wrote in a press release. “Because there's fruit and there's ninjas and there's jetpacks made of cake and attack hippos wearing goggles that come out of tubes and an army of hyper-aggressive ants that know how to drive peaches. And… that's… just... the first issue (which reminds me, I really should figure out what's going be in the second issue)!"

The first issue of Fruit Ninja will also include two bonus stories, one about an ancient ninja and the other focusing on the Jetpack Joyride game series. Jetpack Joyride is another mobile game developed by Halfbrick in which a man with a jetpack must avoid obstacles and enemies as he travels across a vertical plane.

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The Fruit Ninja video game franchise, which tasks players with cutting rapidly moving fruit on a touchscreen for points, has graced numerous devices and digital ecosystems since the first game’s release – simply titled Fruit Ninja – for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices in 2010. Fruit Ninja games have appeared on Facebook and Google’s Play Store, as well as on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One using the Kinect motion-sensing accessory. Fruit Ninja Frenzy released on Facebook in 2011 along with Fruit Ninja FX, a touchscreen arcade machine.

Nate Cosby is an Eisner and Harvey nominated comic book writer whose work includes Cow Boy and Buddy Cops. Cosby also oversees production on the Angry Birds comic book adaptation of the game by the same name, in which birds are flung across a 2D playfield to topple blocks and the pig aggressors held aloft by them. Artist Scott Brown provided art of the comic series Nightfall, while Ruairi Coleman was an artist on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures.

Fruit Ninja #1 releases on September 6 in digital formats and comic book stores.

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