From <i>Zombies</i> To Mob <i>Babes</i>

Having proven that he can walk with the dead in Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer risks sleeping with the fishes with his next movie, a mob comedy called Babe In The Woods.

Firstly, everyone who read that title and thought, "So, there's going to be an attractive woman out of her depth in there, right?" give yourself a gold star. The Wrap describes Babe - written by School of Rock writer Mike White - as "center[ing] on a female freshman from the Midwest who arrives at Yale and becomes a target of the New Jersey mob." This'll mark the third project Fleischer has recently agreed to direct (Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari's 30 Minutes or Less and an untitled action-comedy being the other two); he's also working on a series for HBO and co-writing Santa Wars for Paramount Pictures, proving that he's determined not to let that Zombieland heat go cool without lining up as much work as possible. Ruben Fleischer, ladies and gentlemen, is a very smart man.

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