From The Desk of Warren Ellis: Ellis Announces New Projects

Fans of Warren Ellis quite famously cannot get enough of his work. Fortunately, he has a slate of forthcoming projects to keep his audience appeased.

He went over the highlights recently on his Web site:

"I've just finished a screenplay. A screenplay for an computer-generated animated feature film. An adaptation of the fine sf novel 'Mindbridge,' by Joe Haldeman, whose most famous work is probably still 'The Forever War.' I've written it on commission from topflight animators Blur Studio.

"The shakedown cruise with Image Central has been somewhat shaky, as Mike Heisler and I learn how to sail all over again. Anything that could have gotten in our way did, and each new wave of troubles has set me back by days. 'Ministry of Space' #2 will be out in the next few weeks - and look hard for it, because initial ordering by comics specialty stores falls some way short of the demand. Following that will be the three-issue series 'Black Horses' with John Paul Leon and Laura DePuy, and after that the original graphic novel 'Morning Dragons' with Steve Lieber.

"Transmetropolitan' has just wheeled into its final year, and Darick is wheeling into his last few weeks of freedom before becoming a father. The next Transmet collection, 'Gouge Away,' is set for early 2002.

"I now have a new project in development at Transmet publishers DC/Vertigo: 'Orbiter,' an original graphic novel with Colleen Doran. That is all ye know, and all ye need to know.

"Vertigo are also collecting my 'Hellblazer' issues into a 220-page collection entitled 'Haunted And Other Stories.' This features collaborations with John Higgins, Tim Bradstreet, Marcelo Frusin and others.

"'Planetary,' the comic series, limps on, as I continue to play catch-up after the protracted period of illness that made the book late in the first place. Also at Wildstorm are 'Red,' a three-issue story of spies and killers with artist Cully Hamner, and 'Faster,' about which I'm telling you nothing. Wildstorm and I are talking again about setting up several new creator-owned projects there.

"As we wrap up the illustrated 'Bad World,' I'm gearing for two new short projects at Avatar Press."

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