From the bin: Webcomickers' take on DC's finest

Last night, cartoonists Cameron Stewart and Ramon Perez posted interesting information and images about some failed pitches for DC Comics. According to both Stewart and Perez, DC had approach them and "a handful of other webcomics creators" to dream up some concepts for webcomics featuring DC superhero characters for possible inclusion on DC's Zuda website. Here's what they came up with:

Cameron said that "After a lot of thought I settled on Zatanna, in a kind of Buffy/Twilight-style story aimed at teen girls."

Ramon said "we were given free reign as to who to choose from ... so i naturally chose my favourite dynamic duo of mr. miracle and big barda! if we had been given the green light i would have been weaving tales on a weekly basis starring perhaps my all time favourite kirby creations! the stories would have been short arcs outside of continuity."

While both creators said that ultimately their pitches were "shot down" and  unlikely to be revived due to Zuda's change of focus away from webcomics and do mobile comics, Ramon at least encouraged fans who enjoy these ideas to petition DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee via Twitter.

Speaking on my own here, it brings up a very interesting train of thought. First, the Zuda imprint asked for these pitches, so some thought had gone into putting DC's heroes online prior to the push toward mobile apps. Second is that they sought out creators who work online -- although both Perez and Stewart have racked up significant print credit, especially in DC's own titles.

Leaving the realm of fact and going into speculation and conjecture, who are some other viable pairings up you'd like to see? What jumps to mind for me is a Wildcat series by Dean Haspiel and Vito Delsante, a Wonder Woman series by Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja, Dean Trippe's take on Superman, and Karl Kerschl taking his Flash stories from Wednesday Comics on the road.

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