From sniper training to Anna Kornikova, Myatt Murphy brings 'Two over Ten' to comic shops

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-- Assignments Such as POW torture, sniper training and an interview with Anna Kornikova give Myatt Murphy the Experiences Needed to Complete Comic Book Series--

[2 over 10](New York) September 5, 2001: A leader of today's generation of new writers, Myatt Murphy comes full circle this November with the release of his first comic book series, Two Over Ten (produced by Second 2 Some Studios). The series is a dark story about the hidden abilities that have always existed within each of us and is meant to answer all the unexplained mysteries that exist throughout the course of history.

Murphy joins the ranks of other noted comic book writers including film director Kevin Smith, television's Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Max Allen Collins (long-time writer for the Dick Tracy comic strip series) as one of the first in his field to bring his fresh writing style to the comic book industry.

For the past eight years, Murphy has built a reputation as one of the Nation's leading young magazine writers, writing over fifty features a year for publications such as Cosmopolitan, Details, Esquire, GQ, Maxim, Men's Health and Penthouse. Combined with international issues, Murphy's work reaches more than 40 million readers annually.

In 1994, as a part-time researcher at Men's Health, Murphy was interviewed for an article in Boy's Life about comic book collecting, his lifelong passion. Ultimately, that profile story about Murphy's advice on collecting comic books made the cover of Boys Life, which inspired Murphy to start writing for magazines himself. Several years later, Murphy became one of the most successful and youngest magazine writers in the market.

"Comic books provide an escape for readers," says Murphy. "There's more self-awareness to be had from comic books than many people are willing to give them credit for, and I believe that my time spent reading about heroes accomplishing extraordinary things gave me the strength to take on unusual assignments as a magazine writer."

Murphy has wrestled alligators for Maxim magazine, worked in an undercover narcotics unit for article research, crawled two hundred feet below the ground cave diving for Men's Fitness, spent three days in an Amsterdam brothel getting sex tips from hookers for Cosmopolitan and even spent three days in a POW torture camp for Details magazine. "After three days in the POW camp, I sold out my country for a glass of water and a handful of peanuts," apologized Murphy.

On the celebrity front, Murphy has interviewed stars from every walk of life, from Steven Baldwin and Regis Philbin to Dennis Rodman and Michael J. Fox. "I was even flown down to Miami to supervise Anna Kornakova on a photo shoot for an article I wrote about her," says Murphy, "I think I still have a scar from pinching myself about fifteen times a day for two weeks."

Murphy hopes to use his regular presence on the magazine newsstands (he's usually found in at least three features every month) to change people's perceptions of comic books in a positive way. Besides constantly adding comic book references in almost every article he writes, Murphy has managed to get artists like Joe Maduriera spotlighted in high-profile magazines such as Men's Health and Maxim. "Getting millions of readers to recognize the talent that exists within the comic book industry may not solve the problem, but it's not a bad first step."

"Whedon, Collins and especially Kevin Smith have brought a certain credibility to the industry by sharing with their audiences that comic books have been and always will be an acceptable form of entertainment for adults," says Murphy, "With any luck, my series Two Over Ten, combined with my magazine experience, will have the same impact. Besides, I need something to do while I wait for Anna to return my phone calls."

Previews write-up:

Two Over Ten #1Within the folds of restless slumber, 17-year old Casey O' Beirne unknowingly stripped away the special powers we each hide behind our souls, until touching a single child accidentally returns some of these "Givens" back to their rightful owners. Now, she must collect them before humanity unravels…and end the life of an innocent baby responsible for a world that's no longer right. Plus: What happens when an idiots life falls apart, leaving him stranded at a copy shop in the middle of nowhere? He must be at his new job…as God! One of America's top magazine writers Myatt Murphy brings the humor he's known for in Maxim, Penthouse and Details to this debut back-up story!

b&w, 32pg $2.95

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