From 'Private Beach' to South Beach: Artist David Hahn of 'Bite Club'

For years, David Hahn's work was something of a secret for those in the know. His comic, "Private Beach," was nominated for Eisner and Ignatz awards, but mostly, it was something only a select few were aware of and had checked out. Next year, it'll be almost impossible to miss his work, as Hahn is catapulted into mainstream comics on a new Howard Chaykin project for DC/Vertigo.

"'Bite Club' is basically a dark story in a bright place," Hahn told CBR News on Wednesday. "It's the story of an organized crime family that happens to be a family of vampires. But rather than have the story set in a typical gothic urban setting, this family lives in bright, sunny Miami, Florida. In the world of 'Bite Club,' vampires aren't shunned creatures of the night (okay, they are a little shunned in this series), but are viewed as a new niche market that is just beginning to be exploited by capitalism (sunblock SPF 150, bars that serve Bloody Marys in the truest sense of the term, etc). Issue number one should hit the stands sometime in the second quarter of 2004."

Hahn had previously been talking with Vertigo about working with them.

"The book's editor, Shelly Bond, contacted me about a year and a half ago after following my work on 'Private Beach.' She wanted to get me into the Vertigo office to pitch some creator-owned stuff. None of my pitch ideas panned out, but Shelly and I knew that sooner or later, we would have the chance to work together. Fast forward a year and [co-writers] Chaykin and [David] Tischman pitch the 'Bite Club' idea to Vertigo. Shelly shows Howard Chaykin a variety of samples of artists who might be good for the job (me among them), and he picks me out of the pack. That was definitely a very good day for me."

Although the book has just been announced, Hahn is already hard at work on the series.

"I will be wrapping up issue one in a couple weeks. I am doing the penciling and inking and I am loving it."

Of course, it was "Private Beach" that first brought Hahn to the attention of Bond and comic readers, and he won't be abandoning Trudy and Sharona to the dangers of their world, both mundane and mysterious.

"I will still be doing 'Private Beach,' though probably only once or twice a year (which isn't too far removed from the frequency I am putting it out now anyway). I am also going to concentrate on making PB issues stand-alone stories."

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