From Elvis mugs to Woolworth: Six questions with Mike Norton

Thirty-six questions. Six answers. One random number generator. Welcome to Robot Roulette, where creators roll the virtual dice and answer our questions about their lives, careers, interests and more.

Joining us today is artist Mike Norton, who you might know from Battlepug, Gravity, Revival, It-Girl and the Atomics, The Answer!, All-New Atom and many more comics.

Now let’s get to it ...


7. What is the strangest thing you have in your house?

My dogs. They're pretty weird.

Also, this mug I made of Elvis Presley's face when I was in junior high. I don't drink out of it because I'm pretty sure the glazes were lead based.

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?

Contrary to what you might've thought, NOT a pug. They have way too many breathing problems. I WOULD be a dog though. Most people really love their dogs, and I can't think of an easier life than that.

19. What scarred you as a child, as in something like reading Judy Blume at much too early of an age?

Boy Scouts and Swim Team. I was a very shy and high strung kid, and being forced to interact with others really resulted in meltdown quantities of anxiety. I quit both. I still don't talk much in most social situations today.

22. What's your morning routine like?

I wake up around 7-8 a.m. and take my pugs on a walk. I shower, dress and go to the studio where I make coffee and start working. Pretty cut and dry.

26. What is your best childhood memory?

Going to Woolworth's or Service Merchandise back in Jackson, Tenn. and getting toys and/or comics. Man, I loved doing that.

32. Is there a particular song, band or style of music you listen to when you work?

Not a particular one. I tend to be all over the place with music. I usually gravitate toward "power-poppy" stuff. When I'm working, I like to let other people decide music so I don't get bored. I listen to a lot of my hometown's (Memphis) volunteer radio WEVL over the Internet. Lots of blues and indie rock.

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