From Black Widow to Joker, the most-Googled costumes by state

If this map of "the most trending" Halloween costumes is any indication, Marvel Studios may want to give a little more thought to Black Widow's place in its cinematic universe.

Produced by the website SumoCoupon using an analysis of Google search volumes, the map indicates which costume was the most-Goggled in each state. Comic-book heroes and villains were well-represented, topping the list in 14 states. Black Widow claimed the throne in four of those -- Texas, Missouri, North Carolina and Wisconsin -- while perennial favorites like Batman and Catwoman nabbed three and two, respectively.

Captain America, Deadpool, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Wolverine make appearances as well (and what I initially thought was Two-Face turns out to be a zombie, as explained by the key below; that makes more sense). Curiously, no Groot, though.

Also: Really, Indiana? A doctor's costume?


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