Fringe Season 5: 5 Questions About "The Bullet That Saved The World"

After three episodes, this week's Fringe finally brought Agent Broyles back to the show - but somehow, even that return wasn't the most important thing about "The Bullet That Saved The World." You bet we have five questions about the episode that may have changed everything.

What is Fringe Division?

With the revelation that Broyles is a double agent - and literally "one of us" after all - coming on the heels of the earlier reveal that the Observers had found another double agent, and on top of our knowing that both Etta and Simon were also double agents, which leads me to wonder: Is Fringe Division now entirely made up of human sympathizers? Just as Etta eventually brought Broyles into the resistance, does that mean that Broyles is now essentially formalizing the resistance right under the Observers' noses?

Who Is The Dove?

"The Dove" has come up in interrogations three times, according to Broyles' conversation with the Observer in the episode… so what, or who, is the Dove? The obvious answer would be either Etta or Broyles himself, but that may be far too straightforward for this show. Any unexpected guesses out there?

Is Etta Actually Dead?

Based on the shot alone, I didn't believe that Etta was actually going to die. After all, not only did we see the conversation about the bullet that they took out of Olivia's head when she was "killed" in the season finale last year, but the episode was named after that bullet; I didn't imagine that we could get a more obvious hint that, hey, maybe Etta can naturally heal without Cortexephan injections considering that she is Olivia's daughter… And then, they apparently blew her up. Except, of course, we've also seen Etta's dad come back from seeming non-existence, and we didn't actually see what happened to Etta explicitly; it all happened at a distance. So is Etta really gone? Somehow, I remain entirely unconvinced, especially because we still don't know the answer to the first question this season asked us:

What Happened to Etta When She Went Missing?

This is clearly an important question; we've seen flashbacks from both Peter and Olivia's points of view, and then Etta flashed back to it herself when the Observer was trying to read her mind… and yet, we're no closer to actually finding an answer. Somehow, I can't quite buy that Etta is really gone from the show just yet, based on this alone. Some shoes still need to drop.

Is This What They Mean When They Say That Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures…?

So, the core characters are terrorists now. I mean, sure; they're freedom fighters and fighting against a harsh regime, etc. etc. But, seriously; when they started using the gas to melt the Loyalists' faces so that they couldn't breathe, I found myself thinking that some line somewhere had been crossed, somehow. I think that's intentional; we've seen Olivia be outraged by Etta torturing a Loyalist, but now just weeks later, she has no problem with murdering them. The tease for next week's episode, in which Peter "goes too far" as a result of grief, feels like it's a further extension of this idea of the characters doing things that they wouldn't necessarily approve of in "better" times, because they're without their traditional certainty and security. Quite where this'll end up, I'm not sure, but it's an interesting emerging theme, watching our heroes slowly adopt the methods (and weapons) of the bad guys as the season continues...

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