Fringe Season 4: 5 Questions About "Welcome To Westfield"

Smalltown America doubled down in this week's Fringe, with disastrous consequences. A little later than usual, but here are our regular five questions about last Friday's "Welcome to Westfield."

Isn't There Already A Shared Space Between The Two Universes?

I was so tempted to have the first question of the week be "Do you think the Fringe writers have been watching The Walking Dead?" because, let's face it; for about half of this episode, everything felt a little like a zombie invasion was imminent (especially when Peter, Olivia, Walter and namelessdudethatwedon'treallycareaboutapartfromexposition were trying to get to the school, with Peter and his shotgun looking nervously around them). This was a great horror episode that ended up becoming much more important to the show's larger mythology than at first seemed to be the case. But there's one obvious question that went unanswered by the episode's end: Isn't the crossover point between the two universes under the Statue of Liberty a shared space between both worlds? Why isn't that point causing such spatial distortion…?

What Does David Jones Want?

Of course, this is the biggest question of the episode - So much so that Olivia made a point of asking it at the end, in case people weren't already asking themselves as soon as the universal crossover had been revealed. Is Jones a nihilist that wants to destroy both worlds? Is he looking to force obedience and his own agenda by holding the worlds to ransom with threats of destruction? Or is there something more subtle going on here…? The fact that Jones is working with Massive Dynamic makes me suspect so - and also makes me wonder if Jones is working as an agent to force the activation of Olivia's latent powers...

What's Going On With Olivia?

And talking of Olivia's latent powers: How can she remember things that she shouldn't know? The tease for Friday's episode suggests that this is part of a larger issue, but I wonder if it's one brought on by the late-night-mystery activities of Nina and Massive Dynamic, seemingly in tandem with David Jones. Is the Olivia we've been seeing this year being replaced by "our" Olivia? And, if so, what does that mean? Which leads me to wonder, was this episode all a misdirect? Instead of the wide scale destruction of Westfield, should we have been paying more attention to the idea of worlds being merged and what that meant for the people within those worlds? What if Olivia's situation is somehow a signifier that Peter's world and the world we've been on since the start of this season are somehow, slowly, being merged…? And if they are, who is merging them? Maybe Peter's presence is far more disruptive than we'd thought…

Why Does Olivia Have To Die?

Just throwing this out there, but what if the reason Olivia has been told that she has to die is because "that" Olivia has to be replaced with "our" Olivia for some reason…?

Will Walter Continue To Help Peter?

Another thing I'm just throwing out, but… Will Walter continue to help Peter? We've seen that he clearly enjoys having him around, and has started to accept him as a son, of sorts - and then, at the end of the episode, stop himself from apparently saying something like "I'll miss you." Given how unstable (and direct) Walter can be at the best of times, what's the likelihood of his helping Peter to get back to his own universe being somewhat less helpful the more he gets attached to Peter…?

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