<i>Fringe</i> Director Is Sent To <i>Terra Nova</i>

Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova might not have a firm premiere date on Fox's 2010-2011 schedule, but it does have a director.

Alex Graves has been tapped to direct the pilot for Terra Nova, Fox's upcoming science fiction series produced by Spielberg with 24 and FlashForward veteran Brannon Braga on board as showrunner. Graves has plenty of experience when it comes to directing pilot episodes, having previously spearheaded the inaugural installments of Fringe and Journeyman.

Terra Nova takes viewers to the year 2149, a year where Earth is dying due to overpopulation, pollution and other sorts of disasters. In order to save the planet, a group of scientists open up a fracture in the space-time continuum to go back to prehistoric Earth and correct the mistakes of the past. The series follows the Shannon family as they join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony in this prehistoric Earth.

Although a premiere date has yet to be announced, Terra Nova is expected to launch in early 2011. Fox has already made a 13-episode commitment to the series.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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