Fringe alternate covers surface on variant Fringe comic

Hey, remember those "alternate reality" comic covers that appeared on an episode of Fringe last season? They were designed by the artists at WildStorm for an episode that was set on a parallel earth where things were a bit "off" ... like Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan wearing red instead of green, Jonah Hex replacing Guy Gardner in Justice League International, and other fun twists like that.

Well, in a weird bit of symmetry, it turns out that one of those covers will appear on an actual comic from WildStorm:

Above is the variant cover for issue #2 of Tales from the Fringe, a spin-off from the TV show. The cover probably looks slightly familiar to anyone who bought the "Death of Superman" books back in the 1990s. Also, I hear if you hold up that cover in front of the TV while watching the episode of Fringe where it appeared, you'll destroy the space time continuum. So proceed with caution.

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