Friends of Lulu Starts New Fund @ CAPE

Official Press Release

April 7, 2006- Friends of Lulu, the national nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry, is launching a new fund and will be jumpstarting it at CAPE this year!

The fund will be for women in the industry who wish to pursue legal action in sexual assault cases, by helping to provide money for representation and also emotional support when needed.

"I think it is only natural to add this to our focus," said FOL's National Vice President Ronée Garcia Bourgeois. "In order for us to truly be an organization aiding women, we need to recognize the fact that this IS a problem and work toward education and the elimination of such treatment."

As the official jumpstart to this fund, Friends of Lulu will be holding a raffle at CAPE on May 6th in Dallas. Gotham City Limits (http://gothamcitylimits.com/) in Jacksonville, Florida, has donated a Sin City Prize pack consisting of a Sin City Black Death Icelandic Schnapps Ashtray, Cerveza Cango Ashtray, Sin City: Magnet Set, Fuzzy Dice, DF Miho Litho and The Girls of Sin City Action Figure 5 Pack Black and White Version, all of which add up to an approximate retail value of $130!

"The purpose of the raffle is two-fold," explains Bourgeois. "First, to get exposure to the cause and also to solicit for donations to our upcoming auctions, the biggest of which will be held at HeroesCon this year. So far, the response has been great. Creators, retailers and private collectors are donating everything from original art to memorabilia but we can never have enough for such a cause."

Make sure to stop by the Friends of Lulu booth at Cape to learn more!

Donation inquiries can be sent to ronee@friends-lulu.org

For more information go to: http://www.zeuscomics.com/cape/

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