Friends of Lulu chooses National Board and Officers

Official Press Release

Friends of Lulu, a national organization whose main purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry, has recently chosen this year's National Board and its officers.


When Katie was 18, she took a part-time job in a comic book shop. She immediately fell in love with the medium and could not picture herself without comics. Now, 16 years later, she owns the store with her husband. She joined Friends of Lulu in 1999, sharing one of their goals of creating a more female-friendly comic shop.

RONEE GARCIA BOURGEOIS Vice President, Public Relations

Ronée Garcia Bourgeois is currently the News Room Editor and Image Gallery Administrator at Comixtreme.com. Along with writing and supervising the news, she also pens the popular weekly column "What a Girl Wants." Ronée is co-creator and artist of the online strip "Work in Progress," which is being showcased at Stillontheshelf.com


MK Reed has been reading comic books since she was a little girl, except for a few years in the nineties when there was nothing for her to read. Fortunately, someone had the sense to point out a good comic to her before she left high school, and she started the whole affair all over again. Now MK makes her

own comics, and hopes that one day little girls won't think of comics as boys' stuff.

SHANNON CRANE Membership Secretary

Shannon Crane is an aspiring comic book writer/illustrator from New Orleans. She has done one 5 page short and two 24 hour comics. She has become a part of Friends of Lulu because she believes strongly in the mission statement and looks forward to what she can do for and with the organization.

RUTH TAIT(a.k.a. Rutz) Recording Secretary

Rutz rose a significant number of years ago out of the primeval ooze to become a vocational multi-tasking artist living and working in Toronto--as illustrator, animator, painter, storyboard artist, self- and/or published comic book artist, teacher, writer, and (currently) gallery administrator and curatorial assistant at Propeller Gallery on Queen St. West. Look for her comic books in all the best bookstores in Toronto, which pander to such stuff.


Dave Roman is a comics editor for Nickelodeon Magazine and the writer of the comic series Quicken Forbidden. He currently draws a weekly strip on GirlAMatic.com called Astronaut Elementary. He has been active in the New York chapter of Friends of Lulu since 1997 and was the editor of the critically acclaimed FoL anthology, Broad Appeal. He also helped organize several Lulu events, like the Broad Appeal release party at MoCCA.

Contact the Board of Directors with any comments or questions at board@friends-lulu.org

About Friends of Lulu:

FoL provides input to publishers, retailers, and the public on the kinds of comics that appeal to a female readership and on how to reach that readership. A hoped-for outgrowth of that expanded female reader base will be an increase in the number of females at all levels of the industry--in retailing, distribution, and publishing, as well as creating.

Other activities include publishing a recommended reading list, setting up local chapters, presenting members' work at conventions, offering seminars on select topics, compiling a mailing list of women in comics, and serving as a public relations clearinghouse to upgrade the public perception of comics in general.

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