Friends, fans come to Wilfredo Torres' aid after personal loss

Comic creators are rallying around Jupiter's Circle artist Wilfredo Torres, who recently lost his wife Monica following a long battle with cancer. Spearheaded by Brent Schoonover, a group of Torres' friends and associates have organized a rapidly growing fundraiserto help "a great guy and his family during a difficult time."

Initially as a seven-day art auction on eBay, the #TorresBenefit has mushroomed into much more, thanks to the reach of social media and the kindness of the industry.

"Early last week we had close to 20 creators participating," Schoonover told ROBOT 6. "It could be more by now, and I think it’s close to 30. The quality of work and creators has been staggering."

Many of the initial auctions wrapped up Tuesday, but a G.I. Joe cover by Tom Feister remains available for bids until Thursday, and the ones for Deadpool art by Dave Costa and MPH #5 variant cover art by Declan Shalvey close at the end of this week.

"This isn’t anything with a deadline, though," Schoonover said. "If you want to help two months from now, do it. I’ve had several people just ask if they can send in a donation to his PayPal account -- people who are not creative, or creatives who are just too busy at the moment. All donations are welcome. If a writer wants to help, they can offer up personal short stories, Jordie Bellaire opened up and is coloring commissions [her commission list for the benefit is already full]. It’s great what people have been willing to do just outside the traditional commission."

"If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer what I can," he said. "Really it’s just as simple as if you have an idea to raise funds, hashtag it #TorresBenefit, to spread the word. Some people didn’t want to use eBay, and that’s totally cool. Some people created new artwork for the benefit, while others are auctioning off stuff from previously published work. I wanted to leave it open cause I knew the community would run with it however it worked best for them."

One additional way to help Torres, as suggested by Francesco Francavilla, "is also to head to his store & buy his GORGEOUS art."

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