Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Is About Way More than Peter Parker

Pete's neighbors don't know who he is, but he does have a support team of familiar faces who are aware of his identity. Mary Jane Watson is back in his life playing the role of significant other. Pete's other confidant, though, is former antagonist J. Jonah Jameson. What's it like for you to have these two characters as someone Pete can go to for help in balancing his identities?

Writing Pete and MJ for the first time was pure joy. I love these two together. They're one of my two favorite couples in comics and they play so well together. There's so much love and optimism and humor between them. MJ is Spider-Man's equal in every way. I haven't actually gotten to Jameson yet, but I'm sure I will. Chip Zdarsky did such a great job with his character and changing their relationship on Spectacular.

Who are some of the other regular Spidey supporting characters that play roles in this series? And are you introducing any new faces in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?

Johnny Storm will be around, as I love his friendship with Peter. There's a very big development with Aunt May, and we can't say too much yet, but you will also be meeting a new hero who is going to play a very big role in Peter's life.

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Another one of the other great joys of writing Spider-Man is the chance to write some of the best villains in comics. Who are some of your favorite Spider-Man villains? What can you tell us about the antagonist(s) of your initial story?

I love Spidey's rogues gallery, and can't wait to play with some of his big villains. Fisk, as mayor of New York will play a part, but our antagonists in our first story are actually brand-new... but very old at the same time. We're turning the known New York on its head in our first story.

Finally, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man reunites you with your All-New Wolverine collaborators, artist Juann Cabal and colorist Nolan Woodward. Some of the things I loved about their run there was the palette Nolan use and the way Juann drew expressions and environments. So I'm excited to see what they'll do with a Spider-Man book. What's it like working with them on this character?

Juann and Nolan were the first names I put forward for this book. “Our Orphans of X” story was a real highlight of All-New Wolverine for me, and they're both a massive part of that. Both of them are genuine collaborators. We go back and forth. They challenge me, and they back me up on things. I think Nolan is one of the best colorists in the business -- adapting to whatever the project needs and lifting it, and Juann's storytelling is truly unique. He adds so many small moments and Easter eggs, and I find myself writing to keep up. Stretching because I know he'll be right there with me. I wrote the first double page spread purely with Juann in mind. It was something he'd think of, so I had to think of it first -- and it's a stunning image. Seeing Juann discovering Spider-Man on the page has been great.

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