EXCLUSIVE: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 Preview

Peter Parker was originally envisioned as a street-level hero, a man of the people. In time, though, and as a product of the character's immense popularity, those relatable origins took a backseat to some admittedly rad adventures both in space and Marvel's multiverse. Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man looks to bring the hero back down to Earth, literally and figuratively.

A new preview for the series' upcoming debut issue, provided exclusively to CBR by Marvel Comics, acts as a reintroduction to Peter Parker, his humble origins, the many adventures he has embarked on over the years and, of course, just how effective he can be on his home turf of New York City.

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The keen-eyed Spider-Man reader will be able to pick out some of the Wall-Crawler's most iconic moments splashed across the glass of New York skyscrapers. These include his "death" and resurrection at the hands of Kraven the Hunter, that time he swapped bodies with Doctor Octopus and even when he met Miles Morales, an alternate reality's version of Spider-Man.

There's plenty more in the preview to whet your appetite for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 by Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal, which will go on sale on Jan. 9.

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