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Friday’s Trivial Pursuit

by  in Comic News Comment
Friday’s Trivial Pursuit

This is one for you old CBR hands out there.

Long, long ago, back when the internet was new, one of the ways in which we amused ourselves on the forums here at this newfangled Comic Book Resources place was posting trivia quizzes. Our friend Rick D., in particular, was fiendishly clever at these and managed to make them almost completely Google-proof.

I was reminiscing about this with some other old CBR pals of mine and it reminded me that I’d been meaning to construct just such a quiz to post in this space, for old times’ sake.

As I’ve said many times, I’m a Bat guy and have been for decades, and since we all seem to have Batman on the brain around here lately anyway, I decided to make it a Bat Quiz. This draws from all eras of Batman, and not just comics but film and TV versions as well.

Just for fun, and because I’m getting rid of stuff anyway, I will even award a prize.

The complete run of Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, issues 1-6, and a nice hardcover copy of What They Did To Princess Paragon by Rob Rodi.

Here are the rules:

Do not, DO NOT post your answers in the comments section!! That just ruins things for everyone. If you are seriously competing, then please e-mail your answers to hatcher (at), and put “Quiz” in the subject line. Feel free to comment but please, please, let’s not give away any answers down there, okay?

I did my best to make this Google and Wikipedia-proof but I daresay a determined cheat could still manage it. Just know that if you do that, well, you suck.

All clear? Then good luck!


1. What were the first words Bruce Wayne ever uttered on the comics page…
…in his first appearance?
…in his first appearance as Batman?
…if you figure it chronologically, i.e., young Bruce?

2. In her FIRST pre-Crisis appearance, the Huntress initially crossed paths with which members of the JSA?

3. In her POST-Crisis appearances, which other DC crimefighter did the Huntress meet first? (I mean in terms of her timeline, not the actual publication.)

…and later, the first crimefighter she met was instead retconned to be?

4. According to the most recent version of DC’s history, Batman met Superman in Man of Steel #3, in pursuit of a criminal named “Magpie.” But when did Robin (Dick Grayson) first meet Superman?
…and when did the Jason Todd Robin first meet him?
…and the Tim Drake Robin?

5. On the television show Birds of Prey, Dinah Lance was NOT the Black Canary. Who was?

6. Who was Harvey Harris, and what Bat-character did he team up with? (Extra points if you can give me both the pre-and post-Crisis answers.)

7. According to Denny O’Neil (circa Knightfall) the Batmobile began as a customized version of what kind of sports car?

8. What kind of car did it begin as on the 1966 television show?

9. What was the underlying structure for the car’s design in the 1989 movie?

10. At one point Batman did actually marry Talia, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. When was this and who performed the ceremony?

11. Who was the villain of the case that resulted in Batman acquiring the Batcave’s giant penny? (It’s not Two-Face, not even post-Crisis.)

12. How about the name of the villain of the case that provided the Batcave’s robot dinosaur?

13. Most of you probably know that Oswald Cobblepot is the Penguin and Selina Kyle is the Catwoman. But, who, pray tell, are the villainous alter egos of these nasty folks?

Paul Sloane
Arnold Etchison
Philip Reardon
Julian Day
Aaron Helzinger
Preston Payne

14. As noted above, Ra’s al Ghul once forced Batman to marry his daughter Talia in order to provide him an heir. As it happens, there was a television precedednt– another Bat-villain thought it would be a fine idea to force a marriage on Barbara Gordon. Who was this villain and what was his reasoning?

15. Who attended the wedding of Jim Gordon and Sarah Essen?

16. What was Eivol Ekdal’s “greatest creation”? (It appeared both in the comics and on TV…)

17. Alfred the butler has been linked romantically to several ladies over the course of his career. Two of them have had ongoing series of their own at DC. Can you name them?

18. When Dick Grayson was attending college at Hudson University, in his Robin identity he befriended the chief of campus security. What was that officer’s name?

19. How did Anthony Lupus cure his headaches? Who helped him do it?

20. Steve Ditko drew Batman once. Where did that story appear?


There you have it. Remember, don’t answer in the comment section. E-mail only please. Answers down in comments will be disqualified (and deleted as soon as I see them.) If more than one contestant gets all twenty right, I will award the prize to the first set of answers received.

Good luck to all and I’ll see you next week with the winner!

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