Friday’s Trivial Pursuit – Bronze Edition

Last time we did this it was a lot of fun for me and you folks seemed to enjoy it too, even those of you who were just interested onlookers. So it's time for another hardcore trivia quiz.

For this installment I thought I'd widen the field a little. So this one's all about the Bronze Age, which for purposes of this quiz we shall define as 1969 to 1981 or thereabouts. Not for the faint of heart, so bring your A-game, people!

But first, let's go over the ground rules again.

* DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If you do I will delete them as soon as possible, and probably I will also gently mock your intelligence and reading comprehension skills. No, you must EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS to ghatcher79 (at) gmail.com. Putting "Trivia quiz" in the subject line would be helpful, as well.

* USING GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA IS FROWNED UPON. I've tried very hard to make this as internet-proof as I can, but we all know that really can't be done. So I implore you to cowboy up and try to do this without cheating. Come on, any idiot can type names into a search engine. If you MUST look things up, okay, but for God's sake, at least pull out the real comics and look at them.

* CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 14. Because the answers will go up in Friday's column on the 15th.

* THE FINAL RULING ON WHAT CONSTITUTES CORRECT ANSWERS WILL BE MINE. I learned on the last one that many of you are more thorough than me, often offering multiple possible correct answers or bringing up an angle I might not have considered. So if arbitration should become necessary, I will certainly try to be fair and award points to answers that deserve them, but I reserve the right to say, "Hey, it's my contest, and I'm doing it this way." In case of a tie score, the prize goes to the email with the earliest timestamp.

* AND DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! I know, I already said that, but it bears repeating. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone.

And what are they playing for, Greg?

Hey, only chumps work for free. The winner will receive --

The Wizard King, volume one, by Wally Wood.

Along with a whole bunch of bitchin' Grendel comics from the mighty Matt Wagner.

[caption id="attachment_39732" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Because as much as I like these, I don't reread them, and they're too adult to give to my students."]


And, of course, bragging rights. Can't forget that. (I suspect it's a bigger draw than the actual prizes.)

So we all know the rules, we've seen the prizes... on to the questions! These range all over the place -- comics, superhero novels, and even some comics-related 70s television, so prepare yourselves.

Okay? Let's play our game!


PART ONE: "Who WAS that?"

1. Who cursed Simon Garth to walk the earth as a zombie?

2. Who secretly was financing Defenders foes The Sons of the Serpent?

3. Who did Dr. Zamm help to reach a heightened understanding?

4. Who was Sonnabend the prophet, and whose coming did he predict?

5. Most of the Marvel Novel series of the 1970s were written by comics guys like Len Wein, David Michelinie, and Marv Wolfman.

But a couple of them were done by other writers using pen names. What were the true identities of "Joe Silva" and "Kyle Christopher"?

TV Bonus Question! There was another actor to portray Superman in live action in the 1970s besides Christopher Reeve.

That time was on television. Who was the actor and what was the show?

PART TWO: "Where was that again?"

6. Where was the structure drafted by the JSA, the JLA, and the heroes of Earth-S as a temporary HQ in the battle against the evil King Kull? (And who were the former owners?)

7. Luke Cage's original office in Times Square was over a theater.

What was its name?

8. According to Bob Haney and Neal Adams, where WAS "Another Time, Another Place"?

9. Conan the barbarian hails from Cimmeria. King Kull is from Atlantis. Travis Morgan, the Warlord, lives in Skartaris. But where, pray tell, would one find....

...Wulf the Barbarian??

10. Exactly where DID Superman fight Muhammad Ali?

Bonus TV question! The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman met a man named Andros twice, once in the 1940s and again in the 70s.

Where was Andros from... and who were the TWO actors that played him?


PART THREE: "What the hell's THAT thing?"

11. How many other groovy costumes did Supergirl try out before settling on this one for most of the Bronze Age?

(I mean actually wore for an adventure, not just show off on a "reader's suggestions" pin-up page.)

12. What was the Dream Dome? And which Marvel hero was used as the template for its audio-visual psychic projection?

13. What vile vehicle appeared in Worlds Unknown, courtesy of Gerry Conway and Dick Ayers?

14. Red Kryptonite turned up in a lot of odd places, but probably none odder than the box where Jimmy Olsen found the sample that caused THIS.

What else was in that box?

15. Who built the Madbomb?

Bonus TV question! The alter ego of The Mighty Isis, Andrea Thomas, was a teacher.

What subject did she teach?

...and there you have it.

See you next week -- with the answers, and, one hopes, a winner!

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