Friday's Trivia Contest: Retro-Cosmic Edition

It's been a while since I did one of these, and it seems like everyone always enjoys them. Certainly, I do... and so does John Trumbull, who emailed me suggesting one at almost the same time I put up a query on the CSBG forum here about it. Clearly, it was in the cards. So it's time for another Hardcore, Take-No-Prisoners Trivia Contest!

Past contests are here for those that are interested. This time, it's all about Science Fiction. You know, Space... the Final Frontier. The World of the FUTURE. Other Worlds. And so on. Although there will be lots of the earthbound post-holocaust dystopias that abound in adventure and superhero comics as well.

Here's the catch-- it's the future, but as depicted in older comics-- nothing newer than 1995 and most are from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Because, well, I'm old, and these are the comics I have on hand. Although I tried to make sure most of the stuff (but not all of it, sadly) that's referenced here is currently available in some kind of a reprint edition.

Let's review the rules.

* DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If you do I will delete them as soon as possible, and probably I will also gently mock your intelligence and reading comprehension skills. No, you must EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS to ghatcher79 (at) gmail.com. Putting "Trivia quiz" in the subject line would be helpful, as well.

* USING GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA IS FROWNED UPON. I've tried very hard to make this as internet-proof as I can, but we all know that really can't be done. So I implore you to cowboy up and try to do this without cheating. Come on, any idiot can type names into a search engine. If you need to look things up, there's certainly no rule against it, that would just be mean. But meet me halfway on this -- for God's sake, pull out the real comics and look at them. Remember, to win you need only have the highest number of correct answers, not all the correct answers.

* CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME ON THURSDAY, MAY 22. Because the answers will go up in Friday's column on the 23rd.

* THE FINAL RULING ON WHAT CONSTITUTES CORRECT ANSWERS WILL BE MINE. I learned on the first couple of these that many of you are more thorough than me, often offering multiple possible correct answers or bringing up an angle I might not have considered. So if arbitration should become necessary, I will certainly try to be fair and award points to answers that deserve them, but I reserve the right to say, "Hey, it's my contest, and I'm doing it this way." In case of a tie score, the prize goes to the email with the earliest timestamp.

* AND DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! I know, I already said that, but it bears repeating. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone.And what are they playing for, Greg?

I acquire books at an alarming rate, and every so often I need to thin the herd. In this particular case, the prize is...

The Spectre: Crimes and Punishments trade paperback collection from 1993, collecting the first four issues by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, and with a nice intro from Mr. Ostrander as well. Additionally, the lucky winner will also receive the hardcover art collection Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz.

Okay? Okay! So let's do this!


1. Who shattered the board of the Silver Surfer during a battle that raged from Asgard to Earth? (It was NOT Thor.)

2. Fredric Brown's "Arena" has been loosely adapted for television more than once... Star Trek did it, The Outer Limits did it, even Space: 1999 did it.

When did COMICS do it-- more faithfully than any of the others named above?

3. We all know Spider-Man's first time on a spaceship was rescuing astronaut John Jameson way back in Amazing Spider-Man #1.

...but what was the SECOND time Spidey went into space on a ship?

4. Logan the Sandman, in his first original, non-adaptation comic-book adventure, traded his blaster pistol for his older 'six-shooter' multiple-function cartridge gun.

What WERE those cartridges' various functions?

5. Name all of the Star Hunters.

6. Okay, now, name the Six From Sirius.

7. And finally in the name department, who was it that named Warlock "Adam"?

8. What planet does the ruthless alien MONGUL originally come from?

9. What was the secret everyone was after in the pages of SHATTER?

10. What did the Green Lantern Tomar-Re consider to be his greatest failure?

11. Who is Arno Stark forced to battle to the death in the IRON MAN 2020 graphic novel?

12. Green kryptonite kills Kryptonians, red kryptonite's effects are unpredictable, and gold kryptonite permanently removes the superpowers of a Kryptonian. But what do blue kryptonite, white kryptonite, and jewel kryptonite do?

13. When the Skrulls sold Ben Grimm into slavery, who were the buyers? And what did they give the Skrulls for ol' Blue Eyes?

14. When BUCK ROGERS crossed over to television, which of the other characters on the show also originated in the comics?

15. The original Planet of the Apes movie was the story of the astronaut Taylor and his adventures with the sympathetic ape scientists Cornelius and Zira. The Planet of the Apes television series was the tale of astronauts Virdon and Burke on the run with the sympathetic ape historian Galen. Who were the human-and-sympathetic-ape stars of Marvel's TERROR ON THE PLANET OF THE APES?

16. With whom did Captain Mar-Vell have his epic shootout at the O.K. Space Station? And why did the residents think he was a marshal in the first place?

And there you have it. Remember, now, no answers in the comments section... and Google is for sissies. Get those longboxes out.

Good luck, all, and I'll see you here next week with the answers and our winner!

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