'Friday the 13th' TV Series In Development at The CW

Jason Voorhies may soon slash his way onto TV screens, as a network neighbor to "The Flash" and "Jane the Virgin." Deadline has word that a "Friday the 13th" TV series is in development at The CW, based on the enduring horror franchise.

Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, who created the '90s cult-hit NBC series "The Pretender," are at the helm of the series. The Jason of the show is said to have a "stronger feel of grounded reality" than past "Friday the 13th" projects, with the show centered on "the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer."

News of a potential "Friday the 13th" TV series first broke back in April 2014. The franchise has spanned 35 years and 12 films, with the most recent released in 2009.

"Friday the 13th" joins "Little Women" and "The Notebook" as existing properties in the works as potential TV shows on The CW (and, lest we forgot, this take on "Little Women" is described as "hyper-stylized," "gritty" and "dystopic"), along with Archie Comics adaptation "Riverdale."

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