Friday, pre-convention


I've had maybe four hours' sleep in the last three days; we're getting ready for the Emerald City Comics Convention and for some reason this has been the hardest year yet. Trying to get parents and kids coordinated and make sure they've all got rides to and from the exhibition hall and get their passes to them so then can actually get IN to the hall when they're there, and get all our convention giveaway ashcan books printed and bound and ready to go, and get Rin picked up from the airport and get her safely installed in our home, and get down to school and get the extra chairs we'll need and get them to the hall, and then go get our booth props and books and posters and things and get THAT to the hall and set it up....

So you don't really get a column this week. You get a filler paragraph of me venting and then you get to look at these pictures from last year.These are my students at Emerald City 2005.

That's my wife Julie on the left, former-student-and-current-TA Brianna in the middle who comes and helps us out every year, and Marisa there on the right. Julie is looking for something, which is what we have spent a lot of THIS week doing. "Where did I leave the student packets? I need those TODAY, damn it...."

That's Marisa and MacKenzie in our spot in Artist's Alley. This year we have a booth right up front between Image and Dark Horse, so feel free to come and say hello, and be sure to get the kids to sign an ashcan for you. They love that.

Me rattling off the standard spiel. "No, that's all student work, yes, the cover too, they do it all. It's part of the afterschool arts program, it's in all the middle and high schools, funded through the Families and Education Levy, which is coming up for renewal again in the fall, thanks so much for helping to keep art in the schools, for a lot of these kids this is the one thing that they have that's really theirs, blah blah blah my God I'm so sick of the sound of my own voice, getting really hoarse, is this guy even listening...?"

MacKenzie gives us a big smile, also known as the student PR brochure money shot.

Desiree, Sam and Jordan.... Sam is talking, as usual, and Desiree is so zeroed in on her page she could be doing it in a tornado and not notice, also as usual. Sam is the only one in these photos who will be there this year again, so be sure to shake his hand and let him know you saw him online and enjoy his work. It'll freak him out.

That's all from me, got to go shuttle something from point A to point B again. See you next week with fresh photos and a full report!

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